April 18, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • http://www.reclusivesocialite.com Kaelee

    Ooh, Obscure is so pretty! Love!

  • Tara

    I love Dope!! And I’d love to get my hands on Saturate :) Nice swatches :)

  • Leann

    obscure looks awesome!I love smote too

  • http://thehomeempress.blogspot.com/ Leah

    Oh my these are so so pretty!

  • Heather

    When you apply it wet how do you avoid it clumping into little balls? And do you litrally just add water?

  • Anna Banana

    Dope and Saturate.. Actually, most of them are absolutely amazing. I think the good thing about them is you could use them solo and still look fine, or you could use them in a complex make up look and it would compliment anything else. I really like these <3