Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Now Available in Minis!

OCC Lip Tar is one of my favorite lip products, but a common problem I have found that people have with them is that you get a TON of product- pretty much too much product for the every day consumer to use. If you are an artist using this daily, that’s a different story, but the average makeup lover is most likely not going to use up an entire tube of lip tar in the time before it goes bad. I’m one who likes to get a variety of products for a good price, and I like smaller sized products so I can try more colors for less money. These are perfect for anyone who is like me!

OCC has come out with a Lip Tar mini set! This set includes 4 of their most popular Lip Tars- Memento, NSFW, Anime, and Black Dahlia. These four are absolutely must-haves to have all your bases covered- The gorgeous neutral, bright red, insane neon pink, and dark, vampy blackened red. I don’t think they could have put a better set of Lip Tars together! This set also comes with a mini OCC Lip brush and comes in a little sealable case that you can throw in your bag and take with you.

This is available on Sephora for $20. A full size Lip Tar costs $18, so this is a really great deal and the perfect kit for the Lip Tar newbie!!

Lip Tar All Star Mini x 4 Set  Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics | Sephoraoccminiliptar


Available from Sephora

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  1. Rachel Mazzie says:

    Definitely a buy and this is still a great deal. I’ve had lip tars in the orginal packaging for years. They last and even though these are small they will still last a long time.

  2. Jenny says:

    hey – i’ve just bought some lip tar, as i’ve seen your rave review – but the problem i’m having is that the colour doesnt last very long before it disappears (maybe half an hour-an hour). any tips on how to make it last longer, and how to stop it bleeding onto my skin (i’ve got quite a bold shade, and currently have a dyed ring around my lips…)

  3. Tabitha says:

    Hey, thanks for posting this article! I have two questions: 1.) How do you know when a lip tar has gone bad/how long do they last? (For example, I have a bunch that are between a few months and two years old. Should I be getting rid of my older ones any time soon?) and 2.) Any word about when another set of minis is coming out? I got an e-mail from OCC talking about a “12 pack of Mattes + Metallics” on the 7th of this month and they made it seem like it would be coming out on the same day that the 4 pack did but I haven’t seen anything about them since. I know that you don’t work for the company or anything like that so no biggie if you don’t know but I was just curious :)

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