April 17, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • Rachel Mazzie

    Definitely a buy and this is still a great deal. I’ve had lip tars in the orginal packaging for years. They last and even though these are small they will still last a long time.

  • Zoe

    Ohhhhhhhh I want that soooooo bad

  • Kei

    I’d buy this but it won’t be available in my country. As everything is not… Damnit.

  • Jenny

    hey – i’ve just bought some lip tar, as i’ve seen your rave review – but the problem i’m having is that the colour doesnt last very long before it disappears (maybe half an hour-an hour). any tips on how to make it last longer, and how to stop it bleeding onto my skin (i’ve got quite a bold shade, and currently have a dyed ring around my lips…)

  • http://www.modernbeautygirl.blogspot.com/ sisi

    I bought this!!! Its coming in tomorrow and I am so freaking excited!

  • Tabitha

    Hey, thanks for posting this article! I have two questions: 1.) How do you know when a lip tar has gone bad/how long do they last? (For example, I have a bunch that are between a few months and two years old. Should I be getting rid of my older ones any time soon?) and 2.) Any word about when another set of minis is coming out? I got an e-mail from OCC talking about a “12 pack of Mattes + Metallics” on the 7th of this month and they made it seem like it would be coming out on the same day that the 4 pack did but I haven’t seen anything about them since. I know that you don’t work for the company or anything like that so no biggie if you don’t know but I was just curious :)