OBSESSED or DISTRESSED? MAC Mineralized Eyeshadows

I have a new series for you- OBSESSED or DISTRESSED? Each Monday I will take a product and review it with pros and cons, and give you the final verdict if I’m obsessed with it and recommend it, or distressed and totally hate it.


This week I’m reviewing MAC Mineralized Eyeshadows from the Tropical Taboo Collection. Check out the video below to see my thoughts!



Here are a couple of swatches of Cha Cha Cha and Tropica. The swatch photos are the three colors separate, and then mixed together.



  1. Bernice Phillips says

    when I saw that first one, all I could think about was BATMAN! Awesome post as always.

  2. Geeky Girl says

    I like the feature! Very informative and fun! I hope you keep it! :)

  3. slysgirl says

    I actually have one of these from last winter called “Winter Pursuit” and it look so so awesome with bronze and silver swirled together BUT when I put it on my eyes it sucked. HOWEVER…one day I randomly forgot my bronzer and decided to just swipe some on my cheeks, and it was an awesome result! it has a lot of shimmer of course, BUT it went on perfectly as far as color payoff, and gave my cheekbones the most awesome definition. If you have Winter Pursuit you should try it as a blush/bronzer!!

  4. Letitia Harriet says

    I’ve never bought one before, but I don’t think they’re really my thing. They look awesome but the fact that they don’t turn out so great and are very hit and miss, is kinda reason enough for me not to need them.


  5. Isabel says

    I really like this series, it is informative & fun to watch! Looking forward to more of these videos!

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