NYX Cosmetics Baked Blushes- Photos & Swatches

Back in January when I went to IMATS LA, I got a huuuuuuuge bag of all the newest items from NYX, and I’m finally getting around to getting swatches and such up for you guys! First up- The Baked Blushes. There are 10 blushes that range from light beiges and peaches to bright bold pinks. Each blush has a shimmer to it, but from what I have noticed it’s not overkill, disco ball on your cheeks. These are all a really nice pigmentation for blushes- theres definitely color, but it’s buildable, so it’s not going to show up super super crazy pigmented unless you wanted it to :)

Here are up-close photos and swatches of these Baked Blushes! I’ll bring you guys a more detailed review later this week, I just wanted to get the swatches up for you today!


Nyxbakedblushse 1

Nyxblush 1

Nyxbakedblushse 2Nyxbakedblushse 3Nyxbakedblushse 4 WanderlustNyxbakedblushse 5


Nyxbakedblushse 7Chiffon

Nyxbakedblushse 8 Chiffon

Nyxbakedblushse 10Sugar Mama

Nyxbakedblushse 11 Sugar Mama

Nyxbakedblushse 13Solstice

Nyxbakedblushse 14 Solstice

Nyxbakedblushse 16Ladylike

Nyxbakedblushse 17 Ladylike

Nyxbakedblushse 19 Full on Femme

Nyxbakedblushse 20 Full on Femme

Nyxbakedblushse 22Foreplay

Nyxbakedblushse 23 Foreplay

Nyxbakedblushse 28Spanish Rose

Nyxbakedblushse 29Spanish Rose

Nyxbakedblushse 25Statement Red

Nyxbakedblushse 26 Statement Red

Nyxblush 2Pink Fetish

Nyxblush 3

Pink Fetish

These are available for $6.99 from drugstores. 

What do you think of these? Have you used them? What colors have caught your eye?



  1. Linda Bernstein says

    Oooo, Wanderlust has a slight Stereo Rose-esque feel to it. (Yes, a decade later, I still love Stereo Rose.)

  2. fancie says

    Wanderlust, Chiffon and Solstice are so gorgeous!

  3. Ellen says

    Gotta go with Foreplay…. it’s the best in any category

  4. Phyrra says

    I have a few of them and I like them :)

  5. Rachel says

    How does Wanderlust compare to Dim Infusion by Hourglass?

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