NYC Trip for Citizen Glam

This past week I got to go to New York City to do an event with the American Cancer Society, and I wanted to share some photos! Judy (ItsJudyTime) and I, along with some students at MUD Makeup School, got to do some makeovers on some amazing women who have battled cancer. In a few weeks we’re going to be working on a fundraiser campaign that the event is for, so look out for that ;)


citizenglamFor one shot, Judy & I were supposed to act like we had never met. We couldn’t keep a straight face :)

citizenglamcitizenglamSince the event took place at MUD Studios, we needed to use MUD makeup! MUD was great and sponsored a kit for Judy and I.

citizenglamTaking everything out of the box

citizenglamMy hilarious boyfriend making the face chart my head

Organizing the chaos

citizenglamAll pretty!

citizenglamTalking to Judy before the event.. I look SOO concerned, but I’m not sure what we were talking about haha

citizenglamOnce the event started, it was slightly crazy! There were cameras everywhere, and I had to be mic-ed up the whole time. I’ve only worn a mic set up once, and it’s a whole process to get it on, especially when you’re wearing a dress (you have to feed a cord through your top, tape the mic basically in your boobs, and then find somewhere to hide a chunky black box so no one can see it.. see, a process!)

citizenglamI’m slightly terrified to find out what I was saying while I had the mic on, because as you can see from the following photos..


citizenglamWhatever we were talking about was continuously hilarious! :) I really enjoyed the time I got to spend with the girl I did makeup for. She was really sweet, had a great sense of humor, and her story was really inspiring.

citizenglamHere’s Judy doing what she does best! :)

citizenglamAll done!


Afterwards I got to spend some time with Judy and her husband Benji.. we went to Cafeteria (a MUST for their mac n Cheese!) and just hung out. Here’s Judy’s vlog on that-



If you are interested in keeping up with Citizen Glam, Check out their website.

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  1. Mellie says:

    This is amazing you had this opportunity! I bet it must have been a blast. One of the girls I grew up with who was one of my best friends throughout high school battled cancer for about a year when she was in grade three and four… she has been in remission every since and now shes in university studying to be a nurse because of how much she loved the nurses who took care of her when she was sick. =]

    • Evan says:

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  2. Rachael says:

    You are supporting a great cause. I had cancer a few years back and I have done a few walks for the American Cancer Society. Great job!!!

  3. Courtney says:

    I love seeing Tyler on Camera. He obviously doesnt like it, and its pretty hilarious. Force him to be in more of your videos. He was really funny in the July favorites (Maybe?) And I love that you guys did makeup for a cause. It shows that makeup isnt pointless and that it can do alot for people.

  4. Corinne says:

    Ah! I go to MUD & saw you guys filming that across the street, & I thought it was you.

    That’s such a great cause =]

    • Marines says:

      all the right words, tuhcoed your arm at the right times, got you halfway home (the bar near his place, at closing) and then to his place. He got you to leave (ostensibly after sex…”wrestling”? C’mon, Kate, just tell us you did him), and got you to go away for good after insisting you see his FB page.This is step by step from one of those “How to Get Women” websites, right? And the most important step, for those kind of guys, is getting you to leave, after the boinking.Maybe its penance for being so mean to those other loser guys….Cheers!

  5. Patty says:

    What a super cause! So many or my friends, and my mom, have battled cancer, and benefits like this make them feel pretty again, and help them mentally as well as physically. Thanks MUD as well. Leesha, Great Work.

  6. Aurora Dianna says:

    hey, i am a MUD student in LA and think it is great that you teamed up with MUD to do something so amazing. They have some really great products and i hope you continue to use them. Maybe some day you can team up with MUD in LA.

  7. Jasmine says:

    That sounds like it was a great event. You look gorgeous here as always. What necklace are you wearing? That’s so my style lol

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