Nicki Minaj VMAs 2011 Copycat Tutorial

It’s pretty rare for me to see a look on a celebrity and NEED to recreate it ASAP, since so many celebrity looks are cookie-cutter smokey eyes or natural colors. When I saw Nicki Minaj’s makeup for the 2011 VMAs last night, I knew that I HAD to recreate it for a tutorial!






Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Various matte neutral browns (depends on your skin type, just stay within a few shades of your natural skin color!)
Inglot  #88 Cyan Gel Liner
Inglot Eyeshadow #345 Light blue green
Inglot #77 Black Gel Liner
Fairydrops Mascara
Miss Adoro #43 Lashes
MAC NC15/NW25 Eyeliner

MAC Springshine Blush Ombre (LE)
MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder (LE)
MAC Light Sunshine Beauty Powder (LE)

MAC Zandra Lipstick (LE)

The nail polish is OCC Pool Boy from their new collection, which i have to review/swatch ASAP! its awesome :)


  1. Rebecca says

    idk what it is about this look but it’s so fun and looks hott on you. reminds me of the 60s. simple yet dramatic :)

  2. Lisa says

    Loved it as always!

  3. Melody says

    I love it! And I agree with Rebecca it really reminds me of the 60’s and looks awesome on you :D

    I need to try this one!!!

    Thanks for another great tutorial ^^*

    1. sydney says

      u look awesome in that photo!!!! : D it is soooooo bright!!!!

  4. sarah says

    ahh! :D i am so wearing this to my boyfriends birthday party i know he will love it<3
    thank you<3

  5. Brittany says

    This is gorgeous! You can seriously pull off any look! <3

  6. Tara says

    Beautiful look!!! Can’t wait to try it out.
    On a side note, I don’t know what it is about the Fairy Drops mascara but I always want to call it “Fairy Fart” mascara! Lol!!

  7. meri says

    ah! love! need to try this! im so hoping this looks nice on me cuz i have warm toned skin so blues just look kinda wierd on me. well if it doesnt maybe i can use like a purple or somethin :/

  8. Ally says

    I love that your nails match the shadow!

  9. Ashley says

    Totally going to recreate this look as well! It looks like it can look fantastic on anyone! Just gotta rock it :) You look beautiful Leesha!

  10. Anna says

    I love this! I know you did the look to match her eye makeup, but I think it would look even more awesome it you took eye shadows the color of her wig and wear them as eyeliner under the eye. :) Awesome as usual though!

  11. Ariana says

    Wow this is great! i think im gonna try this out for the weekend! Just a question is that Inglot palette an IMATS only thing? I’ve been wanting it for soo long but its not on their website as far as i can see (already filled i mean i know theres and empty one available) Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  12. katee says

    what color is your nail polish :P

  13. Miranda says

    OMG LOve! And it looks so much better on you than her!

  14. serena says

    Beautiful job in such a short time!

  15. Sherry Blossom says

    Love this look on you! One of my favorites. You look like a pop star!

  16. Ally says

    This looks soo good on you!

  17. Mandy says

    Really nice, I love this kind of look!!!!

  18. Shelby says

    so pretty i wanna try to do this look its so awesome!

  19. Susan says

    very cool!

  20. Stephanie says

    I can’t find the nude eyeliner for the water line. I checked Mac’s site but found nothing… anyone know?

  21. amanda says

    I like the buttermint green eyes, but my favorite part of this look is the cheeks. They look SOOOO spectacular here. :) I look forward to your new tutorials every time they come out and really hope you’ll find a way to do one using mostly ELF products soon. They’re so GOOD for being such an affordable price. And some of the fyrinnae (sp?) eyeshadows you got as well. Those things are so gorgeous I’m seriously considering ordering about 10 different colors.

  22. Tessa says

    Finayll! This is just what I was looking for.

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