Newfound Love- Rock & Republic Brushes

About a month ago, Rock & Republic was on Hautelook, as they regularly are, and had blushes, foundations, eyeshadows, and brushes for sale. Every time R&R is on Hautelook I try and get on early because they have really nice blushes, but that’s not a secret and they always sell out super fast!

This past time, as always, the blushes were sold out (or maybe they weren’t for sale this time, I forget) so I decided to check out the brushes they had for sale.


rnr brush


rnr brushrnr brushrnr brushrnr brushrnr brushrnr brush

rnr brush

(I don’t know the names of these brushes, sorry!)

I have to say, I absolutely LOVE these brushes! They are soft and amazing quality, and I love that they are all metal. My favorite brush by far is the smallest one (shown just above this). It’s about half the width of my pinkie, and is amazing at blending eyeshadow on the lower lid, around the lash line, adding precise inner corner/brow highlight, or even adding lip color. The first brush shown is similar in appearance to MAC’s 227 (aka the magic brush, as I call it) but it’s much softer and less dense, so it can blend out shadows around the brow town with less intensity than the 227. the paddle brush applies color to the lid nicely, and the pencil brush and angle brush are as expected.

I totally recommend keeping an eye out for these next time Rock & Republic Beauty is scheduled to be on Hautelook. I know that their Blushes are the stars, but I think these brushes are well worth looking into!


  1. Lauren says

    The brushes look like they’re shedding. Did you notice any? How well did they hold their shape after washing?

    1. Leesha says

      macro lenses mean you almost have to take them with a grain of salt :) They dont shed much at all, i’ve never noticed any stray hairs on my face, but because my lens is strong and its a white background, you notice a few loose hairs. these have been washed many times and I think they hold their shape well!

  2. Lisa says

    I love those brushes too. The blush brush is amazing too, it’s soft and not very dense so it makes applying really pigmented blushes a dream to apply. Word of warning though… stay away from their flat top powder brush, it’s super scratchy!!

  3. Lisa says

    Oops… *aplying really pigmented blushes a dream* period. lol

  4. Sarah says

    So weird that a denim/clothing company makes makeup brushes…

    1. Leesha says

      they make makeup too, so its not too weird!

  5. Lisa says

    Sarah.. tons of mu lines started out as clothing… Chanel, Armani,YSL, Dior…

  6. Sam says

    How much do the RR brushes go for on Hautelook?

    1. Cheryl says

      Super cheap! Less than $10 for the eye brushes and I think the blush brush might of been like $15. So worth it. I literally use RR brushes everyday and have bought backups.

  7. Annnhaa says

    I have the set of brushes that they sell and I love them!
    They’re so unique in design because of the metal and it looks so modern and sleek.
    But the best part about them is…. They were only $10!
    For the whole brush set! It was the best deal ever. 8 brushes for $10. Not each.
    Rock & Republic has filed for bankruptcy so they were closing down and they had a warehouse sale around the LA area about five months ago and I went and everything was super cheap.
    I was so surprised at the brush set being sold at $10 because I saw the set on HauteLook for $100 so I immediately bought four sets for me and my family members.
    I love these brushes, best $10 ever spent.
    Oh, and you should really try their face brushes! I love the blush brush they have, it’s so soft and nice!

    1. Nathania Soekamto says

      OMG!!!! $10 total?!? I love their brushes to death! Everytime they go on sale, I buy backups. I so wish I went to that warehouse sale even though I’m nowhere near them!!!!

  8. Tara says

    I have the pencil brush and the the big shader one and the I love the pencil brush but my large shader one start shedding as I was washing for the first time and continues to shed. I just gently pull them out and I use this as a highlighting brush for under the brow anyway so.

  9. Rachael says

    I thought I heard that R&R was going to be sold at Kohls soon. That is the reason I didnt purchase anything last time they were on. I hope that I am right about this and I can buy the brushes when they arrive there.

  10. Brooke says

    Are you okay inTexas? Hope the fire isn’t near you. <3 from Australia

  11. Goddesslily says

    Those brushes look nice but I have to say i’m a Mac and Chanel brush girl. Did you score any R&R blushes? I absolutely love them and own All Nighter and X-Rated, i’m still on the lookout for Immortal, Lust and Bedroom.

  12. Jessica Allison says

    I guess I’m the only person who wasn’t thrilled with my R&R brushes- I got the blush and the tiny little smudger, and I have to say they seem rather cheap to me. The hollow metal handles are so light, I actually wondered if they were coated plastic. I suppose that’s not the biggest deal, it just feels odd.

    My bigger issue is with my smudger. The ferrule is not crimped securely around the bristles- meaning there’s a lot of space between the bristles & the ferrule. This means every time I wash it the soap & sanitized is getting right down into the glue- so I wouldn’t be shocked if it falls apart relatively quickly. I’ll definitely continue to grab for my Lancome #10 smudger.

    I will say, I have used the blush brush at several shoots now, and it does perform nicely- bristles are dispersed enough to apply color well, but dense enough to blend nicely, and to Lauen’s comment, no shedding that I’ve noticed.

  13. Edna says

    I have the smaller brush and I love it!! It works like a dream when applying wet pigments to your lower lid. I use it on a daily basis and I plan on buying backups when they are back on HauteLook.

  14. Kumiko Mae says

    the brushes do look like the hair’s not so perfect, w strays and all. is it ok even after repeated use?

  15. Jennifer says

    Wow hautelook is still selling r&r??

  16. Nikki says

    Did you ever find the Name of these brushes?

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