NEW Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks: Pink Shades (Part 2!)

Here is Part 2 of my Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick posts! Today we’re focussing on the Pinks (yesterday was the Nude shades!) We’ve still got Red shades and Dark Shades, so make sure to look for those posts in the next couple of days.




UDLSpt1 3

Native Revolution Lipstick

UDLSpt1 4Native Revolution LipstickUDLSpt1 5Native Revolution Lipstick

Native is a pale pink. It’s super creamy with a slight shimmer.

UDLSpt2 2Fiend Revolution LipstickUDLSpt2 3Fiend Revolution LipstickUDLSpt2 1Fiend Revolution Lipstick

Fiend is a muted rose shade that has less shimmer and more of a satin, pigmented finish.

UDLSpt2 1

Obsessed Revolution LipstickUDLSpt2 3Obsessed Revolution LipstickUDLSpt2 4Obsessed Revolution Lipstick

Obsessed is described as a bright baby pink. It has a very bubblegum pink look to it, with a slight shimmer.

UDLSpt2 5

Turn On Revolution LipstickUDLSpt2 8Turn On Revolution LipstickUDLSpt2 10Turn On Revolution Lipstick

Turn On is a rosy pink thats super, super pigmented. You won’t ever need more than one layer of this lipstick!

UDLSpt2 14

Anarchy Revolution Lipstick

UDLSpt2 15Anarchy Revolution LipstickUDLSpt2 17Anarchy Revolution Lipstick

Anarchy is obviously the star here, right? Bright fuchsia, badass color. You can’t deny that.

UDLSpt2 7Catfight Revolution LipstickUDLSpt2 11Catfight Revolution LipstickUDLSpt2 13Catfight Revolution Lipstick

 Catfight is a pink-fuschia that has a reddish undertone, but still swatches pink enough to be in this post and not the reds :) Definitely a bold, awesome shade that would work great if you’re feeling too lazy to do fun eye makeup but still want to make a statement!


Overall I am super happy with these lipsticks. They feel awesome on the lips, have great wear, and nice pigmentation. The shade range is fantastic, and I really recommend them.

Available for $22 from Urban Decay.



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  1. Emily Bryan says

    OMFG ANARCHY & CATFIGHT. I can’t, these pinks are amazing! I can’t handle Anarchy.

    1. Erika says

      Agreed, I NEED those colours!

  2. Madison says

    Hi there I am dying to know how these babies compare to the Too Faced La Creme lipsticks????? Are there any Too Faced dupes??? And what is the staying power of these lovely lipsticks?

  3. Steff Kopp says

    Your lip swatches are the best around. Loving these, definitely hoping to pick up Anarchy because WOW, Turn On, and Fiend. :)

  4. Caitlin Regan says

    I was hoping that your swatches would help me decide which colors to buy first, but I think I’m more confused now because they all look so lovely!

  5. Melissa says

    I am DEFINITELY getting Catfight when these come to the UK! (I also want 69, F-Bomb, Bang, Venom, Manic and oh forget it, give me them all! Thanks for the swatches, loving these posts :)

  6. Letitia Harriet says

    Oh my god, how have I not heard of these before now? D:

    They look amazeballs!

    I also have a giveaway running on my blog at the moment. :3 Just for anyone who is interested.

  7. Gina714 says

    Is anarchy a candy yum yum dupe just more glossy?

  8. Gina714 says

    Is anarchy a candy yum yum dupe just more glossy?

  9. Rebecca says

    I’m loving these lipsticks! Now that UD is having their FF sale I want to pick up a couple. Would you say Catfight or Anarchy are closer to Vivd Rose from the Maybelline Vivids collection? I love that color so I’d like a higher end version that isn’t going to dry my lips out!

  10. Devon Boyd says

    How do you get the lighter pinks to show so well? I tried out obsessed and it looked very sheer on me.

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