NEW Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks: Nude Shades (Part 1)

Oh my gosh, I am SOOO excited about these new lipsticks from Urban Decay! They released 22 new shades they describe as “Creamy Badass Luxury”, because they are super pigmented, ultra creamy, and long lasting. Since there are so many I’m going to break this up into four parts, Nudes, Pinks, Reds, and darker shades. Here is part one, the Nude shades. 


UDLSpt1 2

UDLSpt1 11

Rush Revolution LipstickUDLSpt1 12
Rush Revolution LipstickUDLSpt1 13
Rush Revolution Lipstick

Rush is a pink-mauve. I’m including it with the nude shades instead of pinks because I feel like its more on the muted side than full on pink.

DSC 2194Lovelight Revolution Lipstick

DSC 2199Lovelight Revolution LipstickDSC 2202Lovelight Revolution Lipstick

Lovelight is described as a pale peachy pink shimmer. Originally I wasn’t going to put it in with the nudes, but it applies quite sheer in comparison to how it looks in the tube, and I think it fits better here than with the pinks.


UDLSpt1 19Liar Revolution LipstickUDLSpt1 21

Liar Revolution LipstickUDLSpt1 22
Liar Revolution Lipstick

Liar is a pinky-brown nude shade. Ultra Creamy and lush.

UDLSpt1 23
Naked Revolution Lipstick
UDLSpt1 29
Naked Revolution LipstickUDLSpt1 30Naked Revolution Lipstick

Naked is a nude pink. Gorgeous and versatile for different skin tones.

UDLSpt1 24
Naked 2 Revolution LipstickUDLSpt1 26
Naked 2 Revolution LipstickUDLSpt1 27
Naked 2 Revolution Lipstick

Naked2 is my favorite shade here. Medium beige-nude, ultra gorgeous with a smokey eye, like my Smoked Utopia look!

UDLSpt1 7Protest Revolution Lipstick

UDLSpt1 8
Protest Revolution LipstickUDLSpt1 9
Protest Revolution Lipstick

Protest Is described as a sheer peachy nude. I’m not sure if I would necessarily put it as “sheer”, as it does have a good amount of color payoff. It’s on the deeper shade range of those in this post, but is still quite wearable as a nude. Currently this shade is exclusive to Urban Decay’s Website.

UDLSpt1 15
Strip Revolution LipstickUDLSpt1 17
Strip Revolution LipstickUDLSpt1 18
Strip Revolution Lipstick

Strip is described as a sheer medium mauve-nude, and is the darkest nude shade in the bunch. Like Protest, this shade is also currently exclusive to Urban Decay’s Website.


Overall I am super happy with these lipsticks. They feel awesome on the lips, have great wear, and nice pigmentation. The shade range is fantastic (which you’ll see coming up with the red and pink shades, ow ow!) And I really recommend them.

Available for $22 from Urban Decay.



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  1. Amy says

    I am so excited these are available! After you posted the other day that you were wearing Naked2, I rushed to Ulta only to be disappointed haha. Time for another trip to pick up at least 37829 lipsticks!

  2. Lea says

    Is Urban Decay cruelty free? What brand of lipstick does not test on animals? I can’t find any :(

    1. SonjaFaithLund says

      Urban Decay is cruelty free and has several vegan products. They stopped selling in China because China requires animal testing on cosmetics.

      1. Ellie says

        Unfortunately thought they were bought by L’Oreal which is NOT cruelty free.
        So, technically UD is still cruelty free, but when you buy their products your money ends up going to L’Oreal. Just fyi. :)

  3. contrecoupe says

    I am so stoked about these lipsticks. I can’t wait to blow my paycheck this month.

  4. Brigette Ramos says

    THESE LIPSTICKS LOOK AMAZING! Thanks for doing this post :)

  5. Krystal Caracol says

    OH WOW! These look amazing, and I don’t ever go for nudes, but I have to get a couple of these! :)

  6. Emily Bryan says

    These looks great! Hnngghhh UD drives me nuts <3

  7. Katt says

    Hi! I love your work, but I was wondering if when you posts these different lip colors if it would be possible for you to include a picture of your lips without any product. So we could see your natural lip color and consider how that would contribute to the product and it’s sheerness.

  8. xxxJoolsxxx says

    What is the lid like? I am gutted they are not doing the others anymore as I only have 1 and they are too cool with the dagger lid

  9. Rachel Mazurek says

    UD needs to stop coming out with new products all the time, all I want to do is buy everything! These look amazing and I am super excited for the Naked pressed finishing powder. I need that as soon as it’s out.

  10. Letitia Harriet says

    I’m not usually a fan of nudes, but oh my god I am so excited for these Lipsticks! D:

    I also have a giveaway running on my blog at the moment. :3 Just for anyone who is interested.

  11. Kim Lee Blair says

    NAKED 2 REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ann-Marie Robinson says

    These are all gorgeous!! Great swatches too!:)

  13. Blue says

    I’m looking at the still shots from your “Smoked Utopia” video, and it looks like Naked2 has some fleshy-pink tones in it – is that true? Or is it just my monitor?

  14. Tammy says

    I love looking at your swatches! How do you have such smooth lips??

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