NEW Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks: Dark (kinda?) Shades- Part 4

Okay, so before I even get in to these colors I want to address the “dark” label on the title there. When I was splitting these up into groups for posts, I didn’t want to include too many lipsticks in each post because I didn’t want photo overload, so i ended up with 4 extras that looked darker before they were swatched. Once I swatched them (I’m looking at you, Jilted) I realized that all but two of these really don’t need to be in this section. But, oh well. They are. It’s ok. Hope you enjoy :)

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UDLSpt4 13UDLSpt4 12Rapture Revolution LipstickUDLSpt4 11Rapture Revolution LipstickUDLSpt4 10Rapture Revolution Lipstick

Rapture is a dusty rose. It has a bit more shimmer than some of the other shades. It’s quite wearable and fits into a wearable, darker pink.

UDLSpt4 9

Jilted Revolution LipstickUDLSpt4 8Jilted Revolution LipstickUDLSpt4 7Jilted Revolution Lipstick

Jilted is a deep fuchsia shimmer with blue shift and is my 2nd favorite color of all of these lipsticks. ITS SOO COOL, I am sorry I misjudged it, because in the packaging (in person, without flash like the photo above) it looked a lot darker. But swatched and applied its awesome and bright and sweeeeeeet.

UDLSpt4 6

Venom Revolution LipstickUDLSpt4 5Venom Revolution LipstickUDLSpt4 4Venom Revolution Lipstick

Venom is a bright plum and is sooo perfectly named. It just LOOKS like an evil villainess lipstick shade, doesn’t it?? I absolutely love it.

UDLSpt4 3Shame Revolution LipstickUDLSpt4 2Shame Revolution LipstickUDLSpt4 1Shame Revolution Lipstick

Shame is a deep berry shade, and is another evil villainess shade. Probably moreso than venom. I just love dark lipsticks :)


Overall I am super happy with these lipsticks. They feel awesome on the lips, have great wear, and nice pigmentation. The shade range is fantastic, and I really recommend them. Favorites of this bunch- Jilted.

Available for $22 from Urban Decay.




  1. Lisa C says

    I guess I’m the only one so far that doesn’t care for these. The colors are gorgeous but I dont like the texture.

  2. Zoe Neocleous ☠ says

    Argh love Venom! I want it so bad!

  3. oflifeandlists says

    I really think I’m going to end up buying the entire range at some point. I’ve got two (Lovelight and Turn On) on the way and I think Venom and Jilted will be the next ones I get.

  4. Letitia Harriet says

    This has been my favourite post. I even wish some of the darks were a little darker! :L

    I also have a giveaway running on my blog at the moment. :3 Just for anyone who is interested.

  5. Anita - Pink Dynamite says

    Venom is officially on my wishlist! I wish it was easier to get Urban Decay in Australia :(

  6. Alexis Stecz says

    I have been wanting venom for a while, but I have jilted already. Should I go ahead and get venom, or are they so close in color that it isn’t necessary?

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