NEW Urban Decay Electric Palette Review!

Oooh, I know a lot of you are excited to see this review!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you- The long awaited Urban Decay Electric Palette.

UDElectric Palette 16UDElectric Palette 23UDElectric Palette 17

Out in UD Land, we have been Naked for quite a long time. Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3, Naked Skin, Naked Blush, Naked BB Cream.. A lot of nakedness. Many people were asking “UD, where’s the color?! Where’s the bright?! WHERE?!”

Here, my friends, is your answer. This is the latest from Urban Decay- a palette filled with 10 super bright shades (many of which are matte) and 8 of which are new (We have the return of Chaos and Revolt Eyeshadows here as well, both of which we have seen before).

So for everyone who has been waiting for UD to show their bright side again, read on for more photos and swatches!


UDElectric Palette 22UDElectric Palette 12 Revolt Eyeshadow UDElectric Palette 18 Revolt Eyeshadow

Revolt is a repromote shade first seen in the Anarchy Face Case. This is a very pigmented metallic silver with silver glitter.

UDElectric Palette 13 Gonzo Eyeshadow UDElectric Palette 19 Gonzo Eyeshadow

Gonzo is a bright blue matte eyeshadow with silver micro glitter. UD describes this one as being turquoise, but I’d say its definitely more of a straight blue.

UDElectric Palette 14 Slowburn Eyeshadow UDElectric Palette 20 Slowburn Eyeshadow

Slowburn is an orangey red matte with slight pearl. Nice and pigmented, however I do wish this one was more red or more orange, not so in-the-middle.

UDElectric Palette 15 Savage Eyeshadow  UDElectric Palette 21 Savage Eyeshadow

Savage is a bright, beautiful hot pink matte. Great color payoff  here!

UDElectric Palette 24 Fringe Eyeshadow UDElectric Palette 11 Fringe Eyeshadow

Fringe is a metallic teal. AMAZING color payoff and texture! Possibly my favorite shade in the palette.

UDElectric Palette 10 Chaos Eyeshadow UDElectric Palette 9 Chaos Eyeshadow

Chaos is another repromote, and is a cobalt blue matte with blue pearl. You may remember this shade from the VIce palette a few years back. I remember having lunch with Wende, who is the co-founder of Urban Decay, and she secretly showed me this shade before the palette had even been talked about, and how she knew I’d be excited about it. I can’t say I didn’t feel special, haha!

UDElectric Palette 8 Jilted Eyeshadow UDElectric Palette 7 Jilted Eyeshadow

Jilted is a metallic fuchsia with a blue shift. Like all of the metallic shades in this palette, this has really great color payoff and blends great!

UDElectric Palette 6 Urban Eyeshadow UDElectric Palette 5 Urban Eyeshadow

Urban is a vivid true metallic purple. Beautiful Beautiful shade.

UDElectric Palette 4 Freak Eyeshadow UDElectric Palette 3 Freak Eyeshadow

Freak is a bright pastel green with lots of shimmer and a bit of a gold shift. I remember when Freak Eye Pencil came out and how excited I was, so you can imagine that excitement when I found out it was coming out in eyeshadow form!

UDElectric Palette 1 Thrash Eyeshadow UDElectric Palette 2 Thrash Eyeshadow

Thrash is a lime green matte with gold pearl.


I love that this palette comes with a variety of mattes and metallics. Most of the mattes aren’t true matte, as they do have some pearl to them, but it’s not enough to really notice when you apply them, it’s more to help the shade be easier to blend out (and it really does make a difference).

As pretty as these shades are, I do have a couple issues with this palette. First of all, it’s really, really blue toned. There’s three blue shades, and two blue-toned purples, in a 10 pan palette. I feel like at least one of the blues could go (Gonzo is probably my least favorite here, Fringe being my absolute fave!). Also, I don’t understand the point of Revolt. The shade is nice, but nothing revolutionary. It’s not too hard to come by a metallic silver, and I wish that spot in the palette was used for something else (Like a bright matte YELLOW! I can’t tell you guys how much I wish this palette had a yellow!) I also don’t really love Slowburn. Because the palette is so blue toned, it’s difficult to work the shade in to a look with the other colors without looking like Christmas or being a bit too contrasting for my taste. Also, some of these shades will definitely stain (I’m looking at you, Savage!)

Another thing to be aware of is blending the different textured eyeshadows. it definitely takes a bit more work to blend a matte and a metallic so that they are seamless, so just something to keep in mind.

Something else worth mentioning: on the back of the palette, it says “WARNING: Slowburn, Savage, Jilted, and Urban are not intended for the immediate eye area”. This is pretty important and something I didn’t even notice until I was about to post this for you all! I have never had any issues with shades like those causing irritation around my eyes, but if you plan on using them, please be aware of the warning. It is surprising, considering this really seems to be marketed as an eyeshadow palette, yet has 4 of the 10 eyeshadows marked as not safe for eyes. Now, I know they need to post this warning as a liability, as some pigments in this are not FDA approved (simply meaning the FDA has not tested them for the eye area. These colors are safe in European countries) and they are covering themselves in case someone tries to sue, but I did want to make sure I mentioned that there was a warning here. 

Overall I am excited about this palette, I just feel like they missed the mark a bit with some of the shade choices. Out of all of the shades here, Slowburn and Revolt are the two that just don’t seem to fit. I really do wish there was a brighter, warmer shade, like a yellow, to balance everything out.

This palette will be available March 18th on Urban Decay’s Website. Also worth mentioning- This palette is PERMANENT!! 

What do you guys think? Is this an insta-buy or something to hold off on?




  1. Katie says

    I think the disclaimer is just to keep them from being sued or whatever. There are certain pigments that are not FDA approved here, but are fine in Europe that are used in eye makeup overseas. I’m guessing that’s all it is. Like some of the ElectroCutes from Sugarpill say they aren’t for the eye. Meaning, ‘yeah go ahead we think you’ll be fine, but don’t blame us legally if you aren’t.’

  2. Stephanie Nguyen says

    I love all the colors, but agree with your points about all the blues.
    They don’t seem nessecary. Instead of the silver I would have preferred a white or black since I ALWAYS need those colors.
    If they aren’t for the eye area… what are you supposed to do with those shades??

    1. Kat says

      I think, in a way, it was a way to add a more neutral tone to this incredibly bright palette. A black or white would’ve seemed out of place to me.

  3. Katie Cosmonaut says

    Insta-buy for suree

  4. TheEgyptianGoddess says

    Instant buy! Plus it’s my birthday month so I get a free 24/7 liner!

  5. Zadidoll says

    Wow, they’re releasing this far earlier than they originally intended (it was suppose to be a summer item along with the other new items including the new loose pigments, gel liner, brush, eyeliners and new NAKED blush/bronzers).

  6. Calli says

    I’m excited for more Electric products, but am probably gonna pass on this palette. I really like the brush, I might see if anyone puts it on eBay.
    I like most of the colors, but I can get similar, eye-safe ones from so many indies. Or in palettes from less expensive brands, like Sleek.

  7. Jenny says

    When I first saw try we’re coming out with a bright color palette I was super excited (the nakeds are getting old, I love me some color). I saw these colors before you posted on your blog (great review by the way). My first thought was I have every color in this palette pretty much in my sugarpill eyeshadows . I LOVE urban decay one of my very favorite makeup brands, but I am just dissapointed in this. I am ready for them to come out with something new and different.

  8. sandra says

    why would you make an eyeshadow palette with eyeshadows that not save for the eyes? that doesn’t make any sense to me.xD

  9. silvia jackson says

    yesss I’ve been waiting for it for soo long!!! it will be mine!!

  10. Kat says

    Insta-buy. I almost wet myself when I saw it, and you be cray: Slowburn is INCREDIBLE.

  11. Evie says

    When I first saw the “leaked” pics of this palette I was gagging and running around my bedroom tearing down curtains because I WANTED it “reht” now! I will say after seeing the photos AND the descriptions I will pass on this one. *yay me saving $$$” I’m so disappointed they aren’t all mattes (most people don’t want that I guess). That’s what initially got me all googley eyed. I don’t need nor want metallics or shimmer in my life at the moment. I wanted BRIGHT matte colors. UD has been a miss for me for a bit now, I guess I add this one to the list of all the “nekkid” stuff they’ve put out. I got a case of the sads.

  12. Caro Alvarez says

    For some reason neon colors never seem to be eyesafe with any brand.. must be something in it?

  13. Abby Evans says

    This palette is gorgeous! I just don’t think purchasing it would be worthwhile, since I am way to scared to wear these shades! I wish I would, though.

  14. Kristen says

    I really wanted this palette JUST for “Chaos”. I missed the first Vice palette and was kicking myself, because Chaos is my most favorite shade EVER. I am all about bright mattes, but for me to actually buy this palette, I would hope that all the shadows are safe for the eyes?! Come on, UD! That’s not fair! Not many of us put eyeshadow anywhere else! >:C

  15. piaget says

    Instabuy for me!! I mean just so different then they have ever put out and I have a lot of their stuff. I look at them and they seem similar the more different the better. It kinda reminds me of some Sugar Pill items I own so that’s a good thing I was getting bored with all the nudes. Hey Hey HAAAAYYYY! Will be in my collection <3

  16. aenke says

    Instabuy! gaaah if i werent broke!

  17. Jennifer Pappas says

    Instabuy, for sure.

  18. Letitia Harriet says

    I was so excited about this palette when I first seen it! Finally Urban Decay are doing something colourful again. But after reading this review and seeing as some of the colours aren’t safe for the eyes, I’m not sure. Being a student I would really have to scrimp and save to buy it…. Is it worth it? =/ I don’t know.

  19. Indigo says

    the colors are alright but not enough to warrant buying the palette. Most of colors have been done quite a lot by other color-centric companies. And I agree, that’s an awful lot of blues.

  20. Ash says

    They should have done 2 separate palettes for electric. 1 being all Bright Matte colors, and the 2ns being all Shimmer/Metallic I myself with deep set eyes cannot wear the shimmer colors. Sadly I wont be buying this. I would rather buy the Lunatik Cosmetic Labs Alien Neon Palette which is all Matte

  21. Michelle V says

    I wish some of these were sold as seperates. I have lime crime (marie antoinette) palette, two sugarpill palettes, and a handful+ of sugarpill pigments. Soooo with that said I’m good on pink, blue, red, orange and silver. I immediatly loved this palette but really only see myself NEEDING thrash, urban, and fringe. I like slowburn too. Silver was unneccessary and is jilted similar to fishnet?

  22. fancie says

    You had me at the edge of my seat until the eye safe part. What the heck UD? Not safe for immediate eye use?? It’s an eyeshadow palette! Now I’m not so sure anymore. Almost half of the palette isn’t usable smh

    1. Kimmie Kins says

      i have some neon colors from another brand of makeup and i didn’t really think much of it, when i went to remove the makeup that night i think some got in my right eye and when i woke up the next day that eye was red and swollen, i have a feeling it had to do with those colors that I used.. i haven’t used them agian since and haven’t had the problem. So i think they are just doing it to be safe.

      1. fancie says

        I planned on using a lot of these near my waterline and I’m scared of having an experience like yours. Sorry you had to go through that! I’ll wait for more reviews before I bite the bullet.

    2. Junsu's Bum Cheeks says

      I think they mean that you should be putting it near or in your waterline. :P

  23. Emilie says

    Ehhh… not so sure. I’ve got some great bright mattes already, which is really what I’d want it for. I reallllly want Chaos, though, as I don’t have a dupe for that. ALSO! Does anyone else think Jilted looks like very similar to Fishnet? There are a couple unique shades that are harder to find but I’m not in love (at least it’s permanent, so if I want it later I can get it!)

  24. Enid says

    Jilted and Savage look kind of like Sugarpill’s Dollipop and Magentric, respectively.

  25. Kimmie Kins says

    I think I am going to hold off on buying this! I was so excited when I first heard they were coming out with this, but I was hoping for something a little different I think. One thing i do love is the packaging of it, and the bright pink purple and green. but like you said the colors being blue based, i had hoped that they would have more of a varitiy of colors.

  26. Emily says

    Packaging is lovely, but kind of disappointed with the colour selection. I really wish they hadn’t put Revolt in there. I have it from the Vice palette and have only used it once because it’s so chunky and messy. I feel like they could have substituted an orange or something to give some more variety. If I bought this, it would only be because it was on a really good sale, and only because it offers colours in pressed form which are similar to colours I already have in pigment form (and trying to press pigments was a disaster), making them more travel friendly.

  27. Cassandra W. says

    So excited this brings me back a full decade when I first started using Urban Decay in high school for their awesome bright colors, Fishnet Palette anyone! I will definitely be buying this although because it is permanent I will probably wait just a bit.

  28. Katie says

    I won’t be buying… however, I hear there will be new versions of Perversion available? Any other new liners we should be aware of? :)

  29. Judy says

    Urban is so beautiful! The palette design is amazing.

  30. Shan says

    I love Urban Decay products but I am so much more comfortable with neutrals that I think I will stick with my deep love for the Naked line. Very pretty palette though!

  31. BritDuke says


  32. Amy Neely says

    I agree that the warning is probably just to cover themselves, but I still wouldn’t have put “burn” in the name of one of the questionable shadows.

  33. sisi says

    Revolt seems like such a letdown for me. I’m not particularly a fan of silvers to start with and I think that anyone buying a palette like this would already have a silver eyeshadow in their collection! I totally died when I saw that swatch of Freak because I love the Freak eyeliner and I’m so psyched that they made it an eyeshadow too!

  34. Jude says

    Ahhhh I need this! I already have plenty of silvers but the other more fun colors make it worth it in my opinion :3

  35. Junsu's Bum Cheeks says

    Agreed, I would have replaced that extra blue with orange, or a bright coral, and I would have replaced the silver color with a different color altogether, maybe a more neon purple.

  36. Danelle says

    The colors are fun, but I have SO many different brands that there isn’t one color in the whole palette that I don’t have in a single somewhere. I really like the UD brand and it would have been nice to have them all in one palette but its a little disappointing. I think this one will be a pass for me. I love the look you did and the review was great! Thanks :)

  37. Ronnie says

    I would definitely buy it since I’m blue toned! it will go perfectly on my eyes and skin, and wouldn’t worry about it. talk about the perfect timing for the release, I CANT WAIIIIT! super excited~

  38. subgirl says

    Definitely buy. I know UD pay the bills with the naked crap (sorry but really? how are safe neutrals – three palettes and countless other items, gritty and urban?! The slightly risqué names don’t make them unique.) but YUP Nice to finally have COLOUR.

    I haven’t bought any UD in years since they started being so boring and neutral. I used to *covet* UD because it fit my lifestyle and really was something special and spoke to the punk/goth/weirdo that had no voice in cosmetics. I really really really have felt they sold out. They used to market polish to guys and have really truly edgy colours and products that were (and TBH STILL ARE hard to find.) I don’t begrudge anyone paying the bills, but I’d love to see them do it while keeping the message and original spirit alive.

    It’s not the same covetable brand for me anymore (there isn’t one, with Manic Panic being terrible formulas & non-existent, UD being “naked”, Anna Sui impossible to get and Kat Von D being a one woman disaster, Sugarpill is so twee … there isn’t anyone edgy.) though I can find and mix my own colours from pro and theatrical companies, I really do miss having a company that felt like I meshed with and had inspirations and ideals I could get behind. Anyway, I do really dig the neon and shiny so I will pick this up for old time’s sake.

  39. The Great Queen Spider says

    I absolutely love my Smoked Palette, and now I must have this! Ooh one palette that’s dark and another that’s the exact opposite. I’m addicted to awesome colors!

  40. Jessica says

    I bought this palette and I was disspointed and I am thinking of returning it. While I do love the colors, they are hard to blend. I am pretty dissapointed

  41. Amy says

    Just purchased this palette and I have to agree – revolt would have been way better replaced with a copper or goldish colour. :( otherwise I’m totally obsessed with this palette *0*

  42. LeAnne Thompson says

    I just purchased this pallet last night from Sephora…I was so excited to actually see color for the eyes again…I’ve become quite bored with all the naked’s and natural’s…YAWN….But…got this home and realized the warning on the package…I called UD this morning and asked them why and was told that some of the ingredients in those 4 colors, have not been tested by the FDA to be safe to use on the eyes….Then why would you put that in your pallet that is clearly being displayed as an eyeshadow pallet…even though UD is calling it a pressed pigment pallet….Whatevs…I will not be playing Russian Roulette with my eye site….so back to Sephora I go…I just want some color back in my life…where is it?

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  73. この新しいlum-tec腕時計のスタイル(「スーパーダイバー」または1000メートルダイバーで暫 says


  74. ルイヴィトン 2015新作 M48813 実用性とファッション性を持ち合わせたアイテム。丸みを帯びた says

    ルイヴィトン 2015新作 M48813 実用性とファッション性を持ち合わせたアイテム。丸みを帯びたハンドルと正面のプリーツデザインは可愛らしく、モノグラム・コーティングのキャンバス素材を使用した「チュレンPM」は、女性の上品さを演出してくれるでしょう。

  75. 2010年7月8日、スイス布拉苏糸村――スイスタブ業の伝統的な休日で、多芸多才の音楽巨 says

    2010年7月8日、スイス布拉苏糸村――スイスタブ業の伝統的な休日で、多芸多才の音楽巨擘クインシージョーンズ(Quincyジョーンズ)オーデマピゲ表グループCEOの莫菲利(フィリップ・Merk)さんの案内でオーデマピゲタブ工場を見学しました。ウブロスーパーコピーこのオーデマピゲ表と縁の深い伝奇音楽人、この度の旅行の経験を発掘したオーデマピゲ表表壇の先駆けとしての深遠なタブの文化、特に見た自分の名前のMILLENARYミレニアムクインシージョーンズ(Quincyジョーンズ)限定腕時計の制作蘊奥。「オーデマピゲ工場、タブ職人たちに見せる好プレー印象が殘って。彼らは偉大な創造者、激情あふれるアーティスト、ちょうど私が音楽プロデューサーとしてサービスのあれらの才能豊かな人。」クインシージョーンズ(Quincyジョーンズ)は音楽史の上で影響力の裕福な伝説の人物は依然としてを提唱し、ポップスの普及発展に力を入れる。元トランペットのクインシージョーンズ、後に従事し、指揮、続々とアレンジ音楽レコード制作などの仕事。カルティエ時計コピープロデューサーの間で出版された数十枚ジャズミュージシャンのアルバムを務めるレコード、フランク・辛納屈(Frank Sinatra)、バーバラ・史翠珊(Barbara Streisand)、汤尼•クラスナイト(Tony Bennett)などの国際スターのプロデューサー。1978年、クインシージョーンズとマイケル・ジャクソン(MichaelJackson)と出会い、彼のために制作した『塀の外」や「戦慄」、「速い」など3枚のアルバムにレコード。こちらの達人生花の天才編曲家と慧眼識英雄の音楽伯楽は、常にその鋭い嗅覚の音楽を生み出し空前絶後の経典金曲。ファンの愛称をQのクインシージョーンズも気前情熱の化身。クインシージョーンズ人道的精神に基づいて救済、かつて人気歌手アメリカ召集46位を行いの「Weアレthe World四海一家》専輯レコードは美しい。オメガコピー彼は一人で創設のクインシージョーンズ基金会は保護児童権益を守るために努力することを目的とし、全世界の子どもの福祉、健康と尊厳。オーデマピゲ時計工場とこちらは平凡な音楽巨擘協力推進するQ計画。この計画を訴えの政界と社会大衆配慮靑少年の創作表現現し、必要の賛助と協力し、彼らの潜在力を発揮する。

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    の原則は原則の詩と経済学の原則で、第2の「等価。ここでは、まあposited実用方程式の間です。「いい」、「次」と「既成事実」。PAS(良いと深刻な自制、自制、自制)。」準配備本もろくて弱い経済方程式、探求の境界の間の過程と製品、成功と失敗、天才と。ロレックス 時計コピー「なくて、私達のここだけの話しましょう、私達に引き続き気づいた、このタイプの反復件1。

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    スーパーコピーモンクレール 長年にわたって、ブランパンのトゥールビヨンとの間を揺れ動くカルーセルの時計を作っていたと考えられ、2013年に、ブランパン、単に同じ運動の両方のメカニズムを含んだヴィルレカルーセルのトゥールビヨン(ここでは実際のリリース)。長い話を短くするために、私はカルーセルブランパンで選り抜きの贅沢な合併症としてのトゥールビヨンを打つことと思いません、しかし、ブランドは限られた数の両方を生産し続けます、少なくとも、それが来るとき、カルーセルへ。口径2322などの動きはとても面白いと集められるが、私の考えでは、彼らはブランドから専用の運動愛好家の選ばれた数への声明として作用するためである。私は実際に見て、新しい近代的な2322v2 2015年までにおける2322運動の復活を見て非常に驚きました。

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