NEW Tarte Power Pigment Lipsurgence

Tarte has added a new line of Lipsurgence- The Power Pigmnent Line. These are still the same chubby crayon shape that all Lipsurgence are, but unlike the normal transparency that most Lipsurgance have, these are quite pigmented, have a less balm-like texture, and have a very long lasting quality, You’ll get much more pigmentation than you do with a regular Lipsurgence, which offer more of a stain opacity than anything. These have great color, opacity, and wear. 

The new shades are the same shades available for the Tarte Cheekstains (and other Tarte products), so you may see some familiar names here. My favorites in this bunch include Exposed, Tipsy, and True Love.

TartePPLipSurgaence 10
TartePPLipSurgaence 11
TartePPLipSurgaence 14 Exposed Power Pigment

TartePPLipSurgaence 25Exposed Power Pigment

TartePPLipSurgaence 31Exposed Power Pigment

TartePPLipSurgaence 34 Flush Power Pigment

TartePPLipSurgaence 36Flush Power Pigment

TarteLipsurgencePP 1Flush Power Pigment

TartePPLipSurgaence 39 Fearless Power Pigment

TartePPLipSurgaence 43 Fearless Power Pigment

TarteLipsurgencePP 2 Fearless Power Pigment

TartePPLipSurgaence 45 Tipsy Power Pigment

TartePPLipSurgaence 48 Tipsy Power Pigment

TarteLipsurgencePP 3 Tipsy Power Pigment

TartePPLipSurgaence 52  Blissful Power Pigment

TartePPLipSurgaence 56 Blissful Power Pigment

TarteLipsurgencePP 4 Blissful Power Pigment

TartePPLipSurgaence 61 True Love Power Pigment

TartePPLipSurgaence 63 True Love Power Pigment

TarteLipsurgencePP 5 True Love Power Pigment

TartePPLipSurgaence 68 Natural Beauty Power Pigment

TartePPLipSurgaence 72 Natural Beauty Power Pigment

TarteLipsurgencePP 6 Natural Beauty Power Pigment

TartePPLipSurgaence 75 Blushing Bride Power Pigment

TartePPLipSurgaence 80  Blushing Bride Power Pigment

TarteLipsurgencePP 7 Blushing Bride Power Pigment


Available for $24 each from Tarte



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  1. Phyrra says

    Your swatches make me want Tipsy. All of them are lovely on you.

  2. fancie says

    All of them look lovely on you! When I swatched them in the store they looked so meh on me lol. I do love Exposed but I already own the regular version so I’ll just wait for some new, bright colors

  3. mara says

    dang i really did not want to give in to these! but i might have to buy a few

  4. Kiss & Make-up says

    Oh my, I honestly don’t think I can choose a favorite! I love them all! Every time you moved on to a new shade I was like: ‘yeah, this one is it, that’s my fave’. And then two seconds later: ‘Oh no, THIS one is the prettiest!’ lol :-)

  5. Chia-Yi Liu says

    gorgeous! i can’t decide between tipsy, blissful and blushing bride

  6. Miss Niki says

    Beautiful! I must give these a shot!

  7. Alexis Colon says

    Ahhhh!! They look so amazing! can you believe I don’t own Tarte anything :( Sad life

  8. lasertest says

    It’s hard to come by experienced people for this topic, however, you sound like you know what you’re
    talking about! Thanks

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