NEW Sugarpill Chroma Lust Swatches

AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! I am SOOO excited about these. My boyfriend went to get the mail today, and when I saw him walking back with a package with a little blue cat on it, I basically screamed in excitement hahah.


Shades Shades

Shades Shades

Shades Shades


Shades Shades

Shades Shades

Shades Shades

Available for $12 each from Sugarpill.

(Disclaimer: these were sent to me for review.)

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  • Fernanda Siepierski

    Paperdoll is my favorite =)

    but all the colors are so pretty!!!

  • Sam

    Were these wet or dry?

    • xsparkage

      dry with a shadow base :)

  • Saloria

    Oooh I love Tipsy & Stella =D

  • Annamax

    I have Darling, Paperdoll, and Stella. Stella is my favorite, it’s GORGEOUS. Nice swatches, now I kinda want Birthday Girl.

  • o0oCarinao0o

    <3 I'm so in love with them. I've had them since last week. So far I've just used them as lower eyeliner….I'm working my way into actually doing my eyeshadow…..for some reason I like eyeliner better.

    Anyways, love them all!


    ~Bubbles and Kisses~
    o0o Carina o0o

  • Phyrra

    Weekender is so gorgeous!

  • Renee

    you should do a whole new funky look with these colors and then post it. I’ll be waiting…..

  • Tamara

    “Weekender” looks just like a sample eyeshadow that Coastal Scents sent me one time. It looks great on brown eyes!!

  • Tina

    Ooooo! Pretty! Can’t wait to see these used in your tutorials,

  • kyuubified

    Darling, Paperdoll, and Stella MUST BE MINE.

  • Kayla

    Stella looks AMAZING!

  • SammieSamm

    Omg Gorgeous! I want things sent to me for consideration lmao :)

    • xsammiesamm

      same person. Xsammiesamm and sammiesamm lmao :) opps

  • Kirsten

    They remind me of candies! Perhaps you should do a CandyLand tutorial. Haha would that be super lame to do board game tutorials? Omguh Monopoly lol and you could paint a little monocle around your eye like Mr. Pennybags! Haha..ahem..I’m totally kidding. Sort of..

  • xsammiesamm

    Sexxyy colors.

  • Sarah

    AHHHHHH! NEW SUGARPILL! *Dies* I cannot WAIT to get these!

  • sunny

    gah I love Stella and Majentric. I cant wait for some fierce fridays with thiss

  • Rachael

    Ohh… these are beautiful. I dont normally like the loose powders but the colors are too amazing to not consider. I cant wait to see what you do with these. I might just have to get some. YAY!!!

  • Lindee

    Ha! you’re bad for my wallet! Just ordered Darling and Paperdoll and also Goldilux which I’ve been wanting for awhile :)

  • Leah

    Love weekender, paperdoll and Stella! Gorgeous!

  • Jessika

    they are all gorg!

  • Mandy

    Sooo beautifull!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    i absolutely adore tipsy! (: sugarpill is so awesome.

  • Elissa

    these are GORGEOUS

    i think i’m in love with stella and weekender
    ohhell who am i kidding
    i love them alll

  • Minou

    Am I the only one that isn’t all that wowed by the new collection? It’s so expensive for shadows that you can find dupes for at other indie companies for much cheaper. I did order Goldilux and I want the burning heart palette but the loose shadows look so plain to me.

    • xsparkage

      really??? that surprises me, i havent seen anything like quite a few of these, especially stella and darling!

      • Minou

        Well for Stella it looks to me like Fyrinnae’s Immortality or Evil Shades Devil’s Bonfire are pretty close matches. Darling I would really have to see in preson for a match but it looks like a pretty standard light blue/green? Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Shrinkle but these new colours compared to the original line seems kinda blah.

  • desiny

    so cool, leesha i love ur vids and ur style…

  • Nicolah

    Those colors are so pretty! I’m definitely going to have to check them out.

  • Annelei

    Holy beans, Tipsy and Paperdoll make my heart go thud!

  • http://www.principessaga¬≠ Gabriella

    Oooo! These are so pretty and shimmery! :)

    Check out my blog: Principessa Gabriella

  • Lorraine ER

    Wow Stella is like the blackest black. Normally when you see black shadows with sparkle they are shimmery themselves but these look like they are matte with glitter. I was curious to see these swatched- thanks!

    • xsparkage

      yes! thats exactly what a few of these are, matte with glitter. i LOVE that effect!

  • Jessica Rabbit

    $12 each!!?!? Jesus Christmas… that sucks, because those are really pretty, I especially love Stella, Tipsy & Weekender. But with that money I could feed my addiction for books. LOL. Those can be my “wish list” make up items. ha ha.

  • Sophie

    Stella’s my fav ;)

  • Jenn

    OMG!!! i NEED stella and tipsy!!! so pretty!!!

  • Drownrats


  • Drownrats

    Want hard.

  • desiree

    stella & paperdoll = <3

  • Ruby


  • Selena Shin

    Those colors look AWESOOOME~!
    I <3 the black sparkly one: stella?
    and i have a new blog and wanted to know if you could check it out and share your thoughts on it!
    and share my blog as well!
    and everyone PLEASE feel free to visit my blog!
    Thank You~!

  • GG

    Omg! Birthday girl is awsomeee XD it looks magical ;D


    i love magentric,darling and tipsy <3

  • Liz

    Stella <3

  • Inge

    love stella an weekender, i’ve just ordered a realy petty gold from sugarpill. Can’t wait to use it haha

  • crimmy

    I was just looking @ these last night and just learned about the Sugarpill line recently…I can’t wait till my shipment arrives!! super excited

  • Courtney

    I LOVE Weekender. Guess who is going out to buy them now.