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NEW Sigma Brushes- The Perfect Blend Kit

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One of the new Sigma bush kits is The Perfect Blend Kit- which includes six new brushes all based around blending out shadows nice and soft. Sigma is really great at creating new shapes and styles of brushes to help with makeup application that can sometimes be a bit difficult. I have always thought that the most important part of a makeup kit should be your brushes, and these definitely fit that bill!

When I think of a blending brush, I think of a fluffy, soft brush that is somewhat floppy and isn’t too dense with the amount of bristles. Quite a few of the brushes in this kit aren’t like that, which is refreshing. Some of them surprised me in shape, as they were not what I would have expecting but are actually really useful! Check out photos, descriptions, and my thoughts on each brush below.


newsigmabrushes Newsigmabrushes 1

E32 Exact Blend Brush- This brush is meant to blend out bold colors into the crease. It’s kind of like a stiff blending brush mixed with a paddle brush. Its definitely has a paddle brush shape, but is still fluffy and will blend out crease color just enough to soften without lowering intensity.

Newsigmabrushes 5

E37 All Over Blend Brush- This brush is meant to blend out any harsh lines in your eye look. This brush would be great for looks with a gradient! The brush is definitely fuller than the average blending brush, so I’d imagine you could over blend with this and end up with a lighter color than you were looking for.

Newsigmabrushes 3

E38 Diffused Crease- This is described as a brush to blend strong color into the crease for a diffused effect.

Newsigmabrushes 2

E39 Buff and Blend Brush- Meant to blend smaller areas for a precise finish. This brush is super super soft! Using a light hand with this would blend outcolor very nice and smoothly!

Newsigmabrushes 6

E48 Pointed Crease Brush- You use this brush by using the tip of the brush to pick up darker shades for the crease and rolling the brush through the crease to control where the shadow goes. This is definitely a new style brush for me! The fact that the bristles are so long and sparse means that you will get less product on the brush, and the product will apply less intensely. It works well to make a somewhat diffused cut-crease.

Newsigmabrushes 4

E71 Highlight Diffuser- This brush was made for two uses: the flat side is to blend out a highlight shade on the brow bone, and the tip of it to soften out edges. I really love flat sided brushes like this for  highlighting, and this one is great because it isn’t too full of bristles, so it will work to blend out the crease color into the highlight a bit as well.


This set is available for $63, which is just over $10 each. So many brands come out with the same style brush over and over, so it is refreshing to see new styles. I’ll definitely be using these in upcoming tutorials, so keep an eye out!

Available for $63 from Sigma. Use code FALL 2013 for 10% off all through October.



  1. sisi

    October 17, 2013 at 10:15 pm

    I like this brush set too! The E48 looks very interesting!

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