NEW Sigma Beauty Expert Brow Design Kit

Back in September after I went to Paris with Sigma, My mom had emailed Simone, the co-owner, to thank her for her hospitality and for including me in this project (my mom loves to thank companies for taking care of me!) They started talking, and this brow kit got brought up. I think my mom was probably the first one outside of the Sigma employees to know that this kit was in the works!

When I went to IMATS, Sigma had a party for their affiliates and introduced the Brow kit. Simone Insisted I take one for my mom (she LOVES this kit, by the way!) It’s finally coming out today, so I thought I’d give you a look at this amazing kit- it really is EVERYTHING you would ever need to get kickass brows!

SigmaBrowKit 6 All prettified straight from the event!

SigmaBrowKit 1 Top of box without the frills


SigmaBrowKit 11 Opened and everything in its place

SigmaBrowKit 14 Top- Scissors, Mirror, Slanted tweezers, and three brow stencils

SigmaBrowKit 53 Small, Medium, and Large brow stencils.They are made of flexible plastic, so you would hold it against your brows and fill in with an angle brush and the brow powder (you could use a pencil I suppose, but I find it’s easiest to use powder with stencils!)

SigmaBrowKit 55 Slanted tweezers. In my opinion, easiest way to pluck your brows!SigmaBrowKit 56 Close up!SigmaBrowKit 57 Scissors- for trimming brows.

SigmaBrowKit 58 They are also angled. Easiest way to trim brows- press spoolie against your brows and twist upward so hairs stick up, and trim. this way you only get the long ones!

SigmaBrowKit 17 Lower Level- Two brow pencils (one is a matte and shimmer highlight for the brow bone, one is a medium and dark pencil for brows), pencil sharpener, five brow powders, brow tint and clear setting gels, and an angle/spoolie duo brush.SigmaBrowKit 25 Matte Brow Highlight.SigmaBrowKit 28Shimmer Brow Highlight.

SigmaBrowKit 26 Dark PencilSigmaBrowKit 30Medium PencilSigmaBrowKit 36 Matte and Shimmer duo pencil swatches

SigmaBrowKit 33 Medium and Dark Pencil Swatches. I don’t know why these seem to have a bit of sparkle in them.

SigmaBrowKit 19Brow shades. They’ve basically gotten everything covered for all natural haired people.SigmaBrowKit 45 Swatches.

SigmaBrowKit 37 Brow GelSigmaBrowKit 38 Swatch of tinted brow gel. again, not sure why there is shimmerSigmaBrowKit 40 Duo brush.SigmaBrowKit 60 The kit also comes with this handy booklet, explaining how to figure out your brow shape, along with different ways to use the kit. It’s pretty nifty- it shows how to change your brow shape and color depending on how you do your eye makeup. This is especially helpful if you buy this kit for yourself, considering most people wouldn’t think they would need more than one or two products in this kit!

You can probably tell that this is very all-inclusive, and if you’re buying this kit just for yourself, you may be a bit overwhelmed considering it covers all bases. I think this is why they included the booklet, so that you can see how you can get the most out of the kit (it explains a lot about using more than one brow color to get a different look- lighter on the inside and fading out to a darker shade) which I think is so, so helpful.
I think this is an awesome option for people who freelance (although you may consider figuring out how to depot those shadows, as this is a bit bulky for freelancing!)

Now, when I first found out the price on this kit, I was a little surprised- It’s selling for $69. I thought that seemed a bit pricey, but then I thought about how much is included in this kit, and did a bit of research on Sephora, and here is what the average price of each of these things costs-

Slanted Tweezers: $20
Scissors: $15
Tinted Brow Gel: $21
Clear Gel: $21
Brow Powder: $22 (two shades)
Matte/Shimmer Brow Highlight Duo: $23
Brow Pencil: $20 (couldn’t find duo)
Angle/Spoolie Brush duo: $18
Brow Stencils: $20
TOTAL:  $178

Granted, Yes, this is all off of Sepora and most of these things are Anastasia and Tweezerman, and I’m sure you could find more inexpensive alternatives. The closest thing I found to this set on Sephora was this kit from Anastasia:


The differences being you get 4 stencils instead of 3, as well as a mascara and a depuffing eye cream, but you aren’t getting the shimmer highlight, scissors, tinted brow gel, brow pencils, sharpener, and you have to choose your brow color. This retails for $75. So, a little over $9 per item (if you count the stencils as one).

Overall, yes, it is on the pricer side, but considering all you are getting, If you are in need of brow help I’d say it’s worth considering!


This kit is available from Sigma.




<img class=”aligncenter” title=”SigmaBrowKit 53.jpg” src=”” alt=”SigmaBrowKit 53″ width=”625″ height=”468″ /><img class=”aligncenter” title=”SigmaBrowKit 55.jpg” src=”” alt=”SigmaBrowKit 55″ width=”625″ height=”468″ /><img class=”aligncenter” title=”SigmaBrowKit 56.jpg” src=”” alt=”SigmaBrowKit 56″ width=”625″ height=”468″ /><img class=”aligncenter” title=”SigmaBrowKit 57.jpg” src=”” alt=”SigmaBrowKit 57″ width=”625″ height=”468″ /><img class=”aligncenter” title=”SigmaBrowKit 58.jpg” src=”” alt=”SigmaBrowKit 58″ width=”625″ height=”468″ />


  1. Emily Bryan says

    This kit looks great! No doubt it’s pretty pricey, considering it’s Sigma, but at least you get your money’s worth from this.

  2. Lila says

    I actually prefer the Anastasia kit because I don’t like that there is shimmer in the pencil or the gel for the Sigma kit.  Also the stencils from the Sigma kit don’t seem to take into consideration the different arches that people may have like the Anastasia kit does. Just my opinion

  3. Erika Dwyer says

    I think u should u put the actual price of the sigma kit in BOLD because I was quickly skimming thru this post at first and saw 179 dollars and nearly died … i thought nope im not buying it at that price so i’m not even going to read the post haha (obviously i read it anyways) … just a suggestion

  4. ashley says

    do you think that you could depot the shadows and take what you need when traveling instead of having to pack this huge palette?

  5. Liz Parrish says

    You did an amazing job reviewing the product. It was so detailed. 

  6. Nicole says

    i like the idea, but i think it would be beter if they had a couple different ones for different colours.. i probable could only use the lightest shade (if that is a match at all that is..)

  7. Christine says

    This kit looks awesome, love your review :)

  8. Emily says

    Your mom sounds adorable.  : ) 

  9. Laurence Parent says

    Looks like a great kit but I won’t buy because : 1. I don’t need 5 different powders 2. Shimmers in the pencils and gel ?! WTH who wants shimmery eyebrows ?! Anyway great review,super honest as always :)

    1. Gabriela says

      There ISNT sparkles in the gel and only shimmer in one highlight, she already stated practically I do not know why there is shimmer in the swatches. Also these products are all sold separately in Sephora, don’t mean to burst your bubble BTW.

  10. Maggie Liu says

    Thank you for the review! Your mom sounds like a sweetheart. =)

    I think this is great for as you say, someone who freelances or for someone who changes their hair color or eye look frequently. As for the shimmer in the brow tint, I once read Nouveaucheap’s review on a brow tint that had shimmer and it ended up looking “natural.”  I suppose darker hair does naturally have a gleam to it and if you were going for a bronze-y summery look it might work. I’d be interested in hearing what your mom has to say about using this.  

  11. Stephanie Nguyen says

    I was told that the slight shimmer helps give a more 3D brow that is more natural and less flat. :)

  12. Whiskey Rose Knight says

    They didn’t cover a natural redhead :/ I can’t justify spending so much for colors I can’t use, which really sucks because I love this kit!

  13. resma says

    Where can I buy the eye brow kit from

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