New OCC Spring/Summer 2011 Nail Polishes


$8.00 USD | 0.5 FL OZ

A modern colour palette and formulation to match, OCC’s professional quality nail lacquers are densely pigmented, quick-drying and super long lasting. Formulated with the Editorial Manicurist in mind, the result is lots of color using very little product for nails that are camera-ready just moments after the application. Available in Satin and Metallic finishes.






Occnails 1


Occnails 3

Occnails 4

Occnails 5


OCC polishes seem to range from SUPER opaque in one coat (ie Tattoo and Echo, shown with 2 coats but are pretty much completely opaque in one) to insanely sheer (Rx, shown with 5 coats. Definitely should be applied over a white polish so it doesn’t look so sheer!). I’ve found that the ones that are meant to be neon are the most sheer (the anime nail polish, which is a neon pink, is just as sheer as Rx), but Beta is an exception to the rules, as it is nice and opaque within two coats, though it does have an almost matte finish to it, so a top coat is a must (it’s the only one I bothered to swatch with a top coat, as it really makes a difference!)

Again, love some of the old school technology names. I also like that OCC doesn’t rename different products with the same color, as there are lip tars named Beta and Rx that are neon orange and blue, and a gorgeous loose color that is the exact same as Flawed.

Another cool thing about OCC nail polish is it dries relatively quick for nail polish. For most of these, I applied two coats, walked over to my light studio, took pictures, and by the time i finished taking pictures the polish was almost dry (and this is with no top coat). These were designed with artists in mind, who need to get polish on clients FAST for photo shoots and the like, and I think for most of the polishes it really lives up to that.





  1. Stacie says

    Tattoo and Echo are gorgeous!! 5 coat for Rx and you can see the nail line is a bit mad though! Must be designed to be sheer.
    stacie @kawaiinailart

  2. Ally says

    The only color to me that is springy/summery is Rx!

    1. Leesha says

      beta isnt? lol

      1. Kel says

        Beta’s like looking straight into the sun! It’s so bright!

  3. Vijaya says

    These sound awesome. Echo and Tattoo look soooo beautiful!

  4. Flave says

    Bets, Echo are so adorable!Tattoo is amazing!

  5. Aya says

    Love the Rx shade! But it took you 5 coats to get that? It’s so sheer O_O

  6. Jenna says

    I love love love Echo<3

  7. Louise says

    Ooh, I love Echo, it’s very unusual :)

  8. Meghan says

    Oooooh! I love that RX looks like a jelly polish. Too bad it takes 5 coats to achieve that look because it’s beautiful. I normally won’t wear a polish if it takes more than 3 coats to look good on my nails, but I might have to snap this up just for the brilliant blue color! Blue’s are my favorite + It reminds me of the sky in the Caribbean. :) Sold!

  9. Tamsin says

    Echo and flawed are stunning :D x

  10. Kelly says

    Beta looks pretty! I love neon nail polish!

  11. Carmen says

    Oh God, Beta made my face hurt.

  12. christina says

    Hehe I think you ruined the effect they wanted by applying rx in several coats :)
    I heard an interview of the founder of OCC cosmetics with Pursebuzz yesterday.

    His aim with much of his line is to go where no one else has gone, or to mix things up considerably. He said specifically about the Neon colours they made them sheer to do them differently from other brands, to make them more wearable and have a fresh take.
    That made me extremely curious. I love jelly finishes and sheer polishes, also without white underpolish :)
    Can’t wait to try rx.

    With Beta, I think they were not on this route. It does not feature as a “Sheer” on the homepage, but as a “Matte” (different formula I suppose).
    I hope they do more sheer neons!!

  13. Stina says

    Idk why I didn’t read this post before I bought A.V. the website describes it as “PEARL GREY WITH RAINBOW MICROGLITTER INLAY” and it looks like that in the bottle. But when applied, it’s disappointing. It’s quite opaque that I can’t see the rainbow microglitter in it. and I don’t even notice the “pearl” effect to it. it just looks like I got little particles stuck in my nailpolish while layering :( I did get Radiate while at IMATS NYC, and I love how that color comes out, after two coats.

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