NEW OCC Product Swatches & Giveaway!

I got the new OCC Loose Shadows and the new OCC Lip Tars at IMATS, AHH I’m so excited to show you guys!!!





There is a full swatch post of all of the OCC Lip Tars right here!

Ironically, when I got home and checked my PO Box, I had a set of the new colors waiting for me. Since I have no use for two sets, I gotta give one away to a lucky winner!! Just fill out the form below and you’ll be entered! Anyone in the world can enter, I’ll ship worldwide!!!

Please note: Giveaway ends July 18th. Winner will be notified via E-mail July 19th. I will not post a blog post announcing the winner or the end of the giveaway, so once July 18th passes, check your email to see if you won! :)

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  1. Bitten says:


    I just want to say I love your tutorials they are a great inspiration :-)
    I hope I win this contest, the colors are sooo great and the lip tars I really would love to try them.

  2. Guisella says:

    Hi Leesha :) (I actually posted a comment before but is not showing up :( ) so hey! I love those colors, they are beautiful… I’m from Peru and all your tutorials helped me A LOT, I learned so much from you, really!, I could even make my own wedding make up! so thank you Leesha! you are such an inspiration to me. God bless :)

  3. Leslie says:

    Omggg. Those colors are just gorgeous. :) Awee, you’re so nice for doing this giveaway. I really don’t mind if I win or not, but I just wanted to tell you you’re a sweetie and keep making those videos, I look forward to them! :D Thank you. :3

  4. Eden says:

    Just wanted to say that I love everything you do and I try almost almost all your looks, and that you are absalutely beautiful. Thank you for all that you do.

  5. Cerina says:

    Leeeeesha! You’re a genius! I’m a junior in high school & currently taking cosmetology also. I hope I’ll be able to use your YouTube tips for the class ! Thanks for errything :D

  6. stephanie says:

    i saw ur smokey green tutorial!!!! those colors are so pretty!!! i really like the wasabi!!! luv greeen!!!! question! How much was the occ shadows?

  7. KittyKay says:

    I think these colors are beautiful..i have several loose shadows and they have become my go to colors! They are great! I hope i win…but if i dont i’ll be happy for the girl that did! You’re awesome Leesha!

  8. Bambi says:

    Hi Leesha! I think these colors are absolutely gorgeous. I wanted to thank you for having this giveaway. Even if I don’t win, I think it’s great that you are giving away that extra set instead of just keeping it. I love your vids, keep doing them!

  9. jade says:

    hey leesha! i just started watching ur vids on utube and i love them! i was wondering where i can purchase all of the cosmetics! im so in love with them so i need them!!!!!!! so please respond. i would love to do ur wearable wednesdays and ur rainbow eye, so please respond and also id love to hear from u! ud be such a help.

  10. Catrina says:

    Hey Leesha! I love ur vids so much. They have helped me so much! I love the color wasabi! Such a beutiful greean! I also think the the name is absolutely adorable!..

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