NEW OCC Product Swatches & Giveaway!

I got the new OCC Loose Shadows and the new OCC Lip Tars at IMATS, AHH I’m so excited to show you guys!!!





There is a full swatch post of all of the OCC Lip Tars right here!

Ironically, when I got home and checked my PO Box, I had a set of the new colors waiting for me. Since I have no use for two sets, I gotta give one away to a lucky winner!! Just fill out the form below and you’ll be entered! Anyone in the world can enter, I’ll ship worldwide!!!

Please note: Giveaway ends July 18th. Winner will be notified via E-mail July 19th. I will not post a blog post announcing the winner or the end of the giveaway, so once July 18th passes, check your email to see if you won! :)


  1. Sarah says

    Hello, if this is international I’m in :)

  2. Kristine says

    These are so gorgeous! Please enter me. :)

  3. Jen says

    Those eye shadows are so beautiful. Look how pigmented!!!!

  4. Neela says

    So pretty!

  5. Kristina says

    Love Cha Cha! It looks so yellow-orange in the tube but it looks incredible on those lips!

  6. sillylilacs says

    Awesome! They’re gorgeous =) Ty for the giveaway and of course please enter me ^_^

    & happy 4th to everyone! :)

  7. Ainareiel says

    You only need some fish and you have sushi, haha. :D Really clever names!
    (ok, you might need some vegetabels or something too, but..)

  8. Avary says

    Divine is goooorgeous!!!!!

  9. elsabiniali says

    Hi!! Thiise look great!! I’d love to enter!! Thanks!!

  10. WendyOMGWar says

    Nori looks so gorgeous! Totally beachy :)

  11. Elissa says

    ahh, they look gorgeousss.

  12. says

    Oh! Cha Cha looks stunning! I ordere? it the same day they have come out and can’t wait to try it! Thanks for swatches!

  13. Bloodsong09 says

    Hey, it would be really cool to see your version of a pretty alternative make up for the goth/emo/scene ish group, not that I’m trying to label. I now you did one a long long time ago, but whats your new take? And you should add some purple into fierce friday next time! Purple or a a little red like in that wearable wednesday, pumped up a bit. :)

  14. Desiree says

    awesome, i love the blue and the orange the most, perfect for afican american skin tones like mine <3 love your youtube channel!

  15. Marie says

    Those colors are stunning!

  16. Caryn says

    First comment to you ever ha! Enter me!

  17. Breanne says

    enter me :D

  18. Kelly says

    Count me in, I love the Cha Cha

  19. Savannah says

    Those are beautiful! Thanks for doing a contest Leesha!

  20. Kate says

    Gorgeous lip tars! Count me in this giveaway!

  21. Angela says

    Totally entered! These are gorgeous.

  22. Talia says

    These look beautimus

  23. Shireen says

    All of the OCC lip tars are so gorgeous. D: Aye.

  24. svetlana says

    these look amazing.!!! please enter me

  25. Maryam says

    hey xsparkage how do u take off eyeliner off your waterline? i can take it off of my lashline but i’m not sure about the waterline

  26. Liz says

    I LOVE these! So vibrant.

  27. Keshia says

    I love, love, those lip tars!!

  28. beaute_novice says

    wow! those look gorgeous! thank you for doing this giveaway.
    please consider me too for it :)

  29. Sophie says

    Wasabi looks awesome! I hope to win :D but of course everyone does

  30. ardorrequiem says

    You did super heroes before… how about a super villianess series? Cat woman, poison ivy, harley quinn… That would be wonderful!

  31. Melissa says

    Those colors look amazing! Enter me!

  32. Rachel says

    Oooh these look really pretty!

  33. Lola says

    Divine looks cute on you! I imagine that if you mixed it with a little Anime it would be a Barbie pink!

  34. Vale1187 says

    Enter me I love this products! Thank you :*

  35. Diana says

    hey, please enter me :)

  36. Melissa says

    Please enter me :)

  37. Luna says

    Of course I’m in! International shipping ftw :D

  38. Briana says

    They look sooo pretty, please enter me

  39. ASHLEY says

    enter me please..i love these colors and the tutorial was beautiful. =)

  40. Janice G. says

    Enter me! <3 These products look so pretty.

    The Divine lipshade looks gorgeous on you too. :)

  41. Nurhayati says

    Really pretty lip colors! Enter me please!

  42. samantha says

    wow. AMAZING. Absolutely LOVE Nori.

  43. Guisella says

    Oh Leesha please pick mee, I’m in love with those colors. I’m from Peru and you’re such an inpiration to me and I have learned A LOT FROM YOU, thanks to you I could make my own wedding make up :) so thank youuuu

    Love ya Leesha, god bless.

  44. erika davila says

    please enter me to the giveaway!!!

  45. Linda says

    they are so beautiful & bright

  46. Holmoleta says

    I love how the eyeshadows are named after ingredients used for sushi ^^
    Please enter me.
    Much love from Portugal <3

  47. Shannon says

    Banzai! Please enter me.
    July 11, 2010 at 4:05pm

  48. Liz says

    So pretty! Enter me please :)

  49. Pam :) says

    I love your channel I watch ever video. :)
    Enter me please.

  50. Leiris says

    Pretty colors. Hope I win!

  51. Shocker says

    Aw, I wish I could enter but I’m going to be leaving for camp on July 18th & wont be back until the 30th ):
    Goodluck to everyone else though!

  52. Rachel says

    Please enter me ^_* these colors are soooo perfect for summer!

  53. michelle says

    big fan big fan lol…i love your videos but i think u should do a movie theme instead of greek godesses because i dont like the greek godesses idea sorry just an opinion=-D

  54. rae says

    hello i really lik ur vids

  55. stephanie says

    hello i like the idea of movie theme=-)

  56. SarahN. says

    hello! i’m such a big fan of all your videos =D these colors are absolutely beautiful

  57. teresa says

    LOVEE THE COLORS!!! :D theyre gorgeouss and perfect for summer!!

  58. CJ says

    Wow those lip tars are really pretty colors, even w/o mixing

  59. Ricky says

    Enter Me

  60. Yvette Rodriguez says

    Enter me!

  61. myrna951 says

    The colors are beautiful and they POP.

  62. Danielle says

    The Liptars are GORGEOUS!!!

  63. Sarah says

    Please Enter me in!

  64. Alba says

    Please enter me. :)

  65. Kelsey Spisak says

    Please enter me

  66. Stevie says

    How Exciting Good Luck Everyone!!
    Stevie xoxox

  67. pam says

    enter me please :) i love your after midnight barbie tutorial

  68. Vanessa says

    Enter me please!

  69. Monique says

    enter me please

  70. Jessica says

    Your videos are lovely! I’m excited to try the new look with the OCC eye pigments!

  71. Hunniebee says

    Great tutorials :) Enter me please!

  72. ashley says

    enter me =]

  73. Kaley says

    Please enter me. Those are gorgeous! :)

  74. Jam says

    I love OCC! please enter me!

  75. Nott says

    Gosh! Your new camera seems to be fantastic! The new OCC colors are tremendous. I’d love to try the OCC loose eyeshadows. Please enter me :).

  76. Donna says

    I love your videos lesha… i remember it was on August 16, 2007 when i saw you videos for the first time! it was the Blue and Green look.. ever since i been watching you videos! you helped me out through Prom, first day of school, and many more occasions i needed a BEAUTIFUL look! I really liked your videos!….. hope i winz D

  77. Nadya says

    Oh my god i love divine and Wasabi!! Please enter mee :)
    (yt name: yournotrockandroll)

  78. Emilie says

    Hi Leesha! Love your videos!<3 Keep up with the awesome tutorials!

  79. Deea says

    the colors are awesome :D
    anyway please enter me

  80. Paige says

    I loove the idea of a greek goddess theme, yayy I hope you still decide to do that.
    I hope I win contest!

  81. Andrea says

    Loving ginger. Enter me please

  82. Lisa says

    Please enter me!

  83. Mahi says

    Its a superb idea u just need some research. do one on Indian goddesses..they are beautiful..mysterious and powerful. some help..ill give u some names–goddess Sita, Parvati, Laxmi, Kali, Durga etc. Some like sort of fiery some are really gentle sorts. It’ll be so awesome..i am excited suggested it. At least Google it and see it. You can do a series on it.

  84. Required: Jecka says

    Hey, I love your makeup. please enter me. have a great summer.

  85. Brianna says

    Ooh these are gorgeous!

  86. Trisha says

    Yay! So excited! Please enter me! Love OCC!!

  87. Kristina says

    I love the way divine looks! It’s so pretty!!!!!

  88. Nero says

    Please enter me!

  89. Bethany says

    Heey Leesha!
    Love your vids!
    Could I please be entered into your giveaway?

  90. Samantha says

    Those colors are amazing!! Please enter me! =)

  91. Sarah K says

    Enter me please! :)

  92. velvetacide says

    If anyone is using Google Chrome (which is my default browser) the giveaway form doesn’t show up. Switch to Firefox (or IE, maybe). Good thing I know code and finally realized…sorry for the tweet question, xsparkage!

  93. Natasha R.D.S says

    I cant see a form…
    I hope a comment will suffice =)
    if it does consider me entered.
    thanks xx

  94. Natasha R.D.S says

    ohh…… i found it now.

  95. Bitten says


    I just want to say I love your tutorials they are a great inspiration :-)
    I hope I win this contest, the colors are sooo great and the lip tars I really would love to try them.

  96. Guisella says

    Hi Leesha :) (I actually posted a comment before but is not showing up :( ) so hey! I love those colors, they are beautiful… I’m from Peru and all your tutorials helped me A LOT, I learned so much from you, really!, I could even make my own wedding make up! so thank you Leesha! you are such an inspiration to me. God bless :)

  97. Ellana r. says

    love ur vids on youtube…these colors look great

  98. Melissa says

    Loving Wasabi!!! It’s such a gorgeous color!!

    1. Melissa says

      Oops, I meant Nori! Though they’re both gorgeous, as well as ginger!! lol!

  99. Leslie says

    Omggg. Those colors are just gorgeous. :) Awee, you’re so nice for doing this giveaway. I really don’t mind if I win or not, but I just wanted to tell you you’re a sweetie and keep making those videos, I look forward to them! :D Thank you. :3

  100. Eden says

    Just wanted to say that I love everything you do and I try almost almost all your looks, and that you are absalutely beautiful. Thank you for all that you do.

  101. Marina says

    I loved all the colors!!! =) and love your videos on youtube!!

  102. Cerina says

    Leeeeesha! You’re a genius! I’m a junior in high school & currently taking cosmetology also. I hope I’ll be able to use your YouTube tips for the class ! Thanks for errything :D

  103. Kingucica says

    Hey Leesha! Wiii!! I love the colors, so enter me too please! Have a wonderful day! Stay beautiful!

  104. Grace says

    OMG these colors are delicious!! I love love love them!!

  105. Jessica says

    Lovely. I need to just purchase the Lip Tars already!

  106. stephanie says

    i saw ur smokey green tutorial!!!! those colors are so pretty!!! i really like the wasabi!!! luv greeen!!!! question! How much was the occ shadows?

  107. KittyKay says

    I think these colors are beautiful..i have several loose shadows and they have become my go to colors! They are great! I hope i win…but if i dont i’ll be happy for the girl that did! You’re awesome Leesha!

  108. Bambi says

    Hi Leesha! I think these colors are absolutely gorgeous. I wanted to thank you for having this giveaway. Even if I don’t win, I think it’s great that you are giving away that extra set instead of just keeping it. I love your vids, keep doing them!

  109. jade says

    hey leesha! i just started watching ur vids on utube and i love them! i was wondering where i can purchase all of the cosmetics! im so in love with them so i need them!!!!!!! so please respond. i would love to do ur wearable wednesdays and ur rainbow eye, so please respond and also id love to hear from u! ud be such a help.

  110. Catrina says

    Hey Leesha! I love ur vids so much. They have helped me so much! I love the color wasabi! Such a beutiful greean! I also think the the name is absolutely adorable!..

  111. Allison Barksdale says

    The colors are SO pretty.

  112. Aderyn says

    Oh so pretty! I love the colors!

  113. Matthew Frazier says

    Where did you get these eyeshadows at ?

  114. MAZZIEXP says

    nori is the prettiest i think so

  115. Lucia Barstow says

    I have cha-cha..I so want divine..I love my lip tar I make so many cool colors with it!!

  116. Valerie39 says


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