New OCC Loose Colors for Spring/Summer 2011


$12.00 USD | 2.5g Micronized colour pigments fused with shimmering mica for use on the eyes, and anywhere else on the face and body. These lightweight, ultra-refined, densely pigmented powders apply shimmer smoothly and beautifully, wherever it’s needed. Also great mixed with our Primer and Mixing Mediums to create custom colours.





Occloosecolor 2Bitmap


Occloosecolor 4Flawed


Occloosecolor 7Noise

Occloosecolor 3Distortion

Occloosecolor 5Artifact

Occloosecolor 8


Occloosecolor 9

Occloosecolor 10


First off, I love love love how pigmented these are. These are swatched over a bit of TFSI, and they really show up beautifully. I can’t wait to play with them wet, especially Flawed. That one reminds me a bit of MAC’s Rose Gold Pigment, which is basically like liquid gold, but smells like crushed pennies (I have issues with metal smells, ie i wont touch coins if i can help it, and if i do i need to wash my hands immediately, so using a makeup product that smells like it kinda doesn’t work!) Flawed doesn’t smell like that, thank goodness! I actually did spill a bit on my table, and cleaned it up with a baby wipe and it definitely had that liquid gold look to it, so that one will be really fun.

Hum is another one I really like, that would be what I would use as an everyday color. I love love love peachy-oranges like that, they are so fun on blue eyes and it isn’t TOO bright, so I’ll definitely be sporting that often! I think it’d be pretty with Noise in the crease :)

And just for good measure, I gotta say I LOVE that the green is named Bitmap. I noticed with the new Lip Tars that there was sort of an old-school technology theme going on (names like lo-fi, beta, analogue) I like it!




  1. Rachel says

    oooh sexy! I NEED THOSE.

    1. Jannabelle126 says

      Hum is SO PRETTY!!! Also I wanted to tell you that I ordered Plum and Memento from OCC. Thanks again, those samples are HUGE! :)

      1. Leesha says

        oh yay! yeah a little goes a looooooong way lol

  2. Tamsin says

    i loooove bitmap and flawed – have to get these! x

  3. Necroshine13 says

    I’ve never tried anything by OCC but I so want to lol I wish I could hit the lottery or something I’d probably buy every single eyeshadow and lip tar they have lmao

  4. Mary says

    make the stupid ads go awayy :[ i can never see the pretty swatches!

    1. Leesha says

      i have turned off any ads that hover or anything like that, so If you see one that does please let me know who the ad is for so i can report it

  5. Rosie says

    oooh la la pretty! i wanna try flawed with distortion! <3
    no ads today yay!

  6. Jessica says

    I canNOT wait to see what you do with these, Leesha. I am so freaking excited. :)

  7. Vijaya says

    I love the look of bitmap and distortion!

  8. Kel says

    I LOVE hum, bitmap, and flawed. They are so bright and glittery and basically scream spring! I wish it was spring already :( I’m sick of snow

  9. Laina says

    I want Bitmap so badly. Maybe I can convince my mother to getting it for me..

  10. Clara L. says

    ooooo I love!!!!

  11. Sammie says

    Where do you swatch these?

  12. Theabella says

    i have that same problem with the smell of medal!

  13. Euphoriaac says

    They are all beautiful. Flawed is my favorite, but they are all gorgeous. Truly beautiful.

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