New OCC Fall 2010 Nail Polishes

These are really fun. I only have a few OCC nail polishes besides these, and I think they must have reformulated or something because these seem way nicer than the other ones I have (which are also older).









These are all two coats I believe (took these a few days ago haha) except for Twirl, which is three.

Available here for $8 each.

Disclaimer: Products sent for consideration.

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  • Athena

    Very cute :)

  • Elle

    Vintage is beautiful. I can’t justify $8 for a nail polish though. Maybe I can find a good alternate.

  • Amber

    Twirl reminds me of this colour I got from Boots when I was in the UK in 1996, called Candyfloss. It was my faaaavourite for such a long time!

  • Toni

    I would never pay $8 for these and I’m a nail polish addict. I have no problem dropping money on good polishes but nothing about these polishes convinces me that they are worth the price tag. The colors are as cheap looking as the package.

    Please go back to the drawing board on this one OCC.

    • Vanessa

      $8.00 really isn’t that much for a nail polish, at least here in the US. MAC, Chanel, etc. are way more and IMHO OCC’s are way better – YMMV. HTH!

  • Jessika

    all colors china glaze or opi have done before…nothing i havent already seen…

  • Mía

    OMG! I just bought a bunch of their liptars which I knew from you and now I want Souse OMG! I want their nail polish. Unfortunately I live in Brazil and the shipping is too expensive but aaaaaaaaaaaaa it´s worth it . I want it

  • Amanda

    WOW These shades rock I’ll get these next month hopefully!

  • Divinitus

    I’m loving the Vintage colour and Souse!

    We have to remember, there are only so many colours out there, and sometimes colours are going to be re-created with slight differences… heck, OPI has so many colours and I have two reds that look almost identical!

    Just because the bottles look cheap doesn’t mean that the product is; OPI has nice looking bottles and product, but in Canada they are $10+ per bottle (depends where you purchase).

  • Kaelee

    $8?! D: I WISH I could get nail polishes this nice for $8 :( In Australia, decent quality nail polish can be anywhere from $15 upwards, sometimes nearing $25 or $30 for the high quality brands. TT_TT

  • http://www.principessaga­ Gabriella

    Oooo! These are pretty, I love vintage and something! :)

    Check out my blog: Principessa Gabriella

  • Meri Estante

    I am curious how you get different companies to send you stuff for consideration. I would LOVE to “consider” some make-up! :)

  • utorrent

    Amaze! Thank you! I constantly wished to produce in my internet site a thing like that. Can I take element of the publish to my blog?