April 17, 2014
The Latest Scoop
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  • http://madamebfatale.blogspot.com/ Madamebfatale

    Absolutely gorgeous! I’ll have to pick up trollop, strutter, trick… actually maybe all of them!

  • Sunny

    I LOVE strumpet! its amaazingg

  • http://krwawaksiezniczka.fbl.pl Olakeo

    I want “TRICK” xD

  • Deandra

    I LOVE trollop!!
    They’re all really pretty though

  • Helga

    I love this but can you get us some kind of discount or free shipping? I’m normally not so stingy but these aren’t sold in stores plus they’re so expensive and shipping is like 7 dollars!

  • Athena

    OMG stalker! I have to have it! :D

  • Elle

    I haven’t tried a lip tar yet and now I want to more. These swatches are amazing. I wish they sold these in stores though. I hate paying for shipping. My favorite is Trollop.

  • Ellie

    OCC products are amazing! I wish we had em here in Asia… :(

  • Brynne

    Trick is an amazing nude! Must own! Along with Harlot and Trollop. I need to save my money for a massive Lip Tar haul…

  • http://www.beautynscience.net Sherri

    Strumpet and trollop look really nice :)

  • Anna Banana

    I love the names! LOL

  • http://j-rabbits-corner.blogspot.com Jessica Rabbit

    Ohh I am loving Stalker & Strutter… and even the Stumpet. I agree with Anna Banana, love the names too.

  • Jo

    Didn’t these use to be $10??! Blahhh

  • http://www.skindeco.net Connie De Alwis

    Trick is so my color! Thanks for the swatches :)

  • http://www.beauty-princess.nl/ Lisan

    Strutter looks so good on you!

  • http://facebook.com/Tracee_Mason Tracee

    I like Trollop the best.

  • Avary

    strumpet, stalker and trollop, I NEED THOSE NOW! lol

  • http://www.beautyfromanotherplanet.wordpress.com Lorraine ER

    These are really pretty! Do you ever mix your lip tars? If so, any tips for mixing them?

  • Kiyoko

    Hey Leesha,
    I was wondering. I want to buy a red lip tar.
    Which do you think is a better red:
    NSFW or Stalker? I want a blue based red for sure.

  • http://heyitskitcat.blogspot.com/ Cathy

    NSFW must’ve been a big hit since they decided to make 3 new bright red ones in this collection :P


    i love trick,hariot and stalker


    i mean harlot sorry

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  • Mary

    How does Trick compare to Hush? Thanks for the swatches. I met you at IMAT’s. It was so cool how sweet you were. I felt really special.

  • Kel

    Ha! I think its funny that all the names are synonyms for (pardon my french) “whore.” It gave me a good laugh :) Funny Funny OCC

  • Katrina

    I got strumpet as a gift from a friend and it doesnt look anything like this :( It is super dark pink purple. I love this color on you!

  • kacibrianna

    God, I REALLY need some Lip Tars! One of my school friends and I were alone when we were waiting to leave school, and she told me that she was going to order some OCC products. I asked her “Obsessive Compuslive Cosmetics?” and she was like “Finally! Someone who knows what it is!” She told me she was getting some Lip Tars. I seriously want a bright red one, then a nude, or a super crazy colour like blue. But my mom was like “HALE NO!” XD.

  • Valerie39

    trollop is amazin