NEW Makeup Geek Pigments!

Makeup Geek has recently brought nine pigments into their makeup line, and they are gorgeous! three neutral beiges, a ridiculous metallic gold, a golden brown that looks like glitter but applies like pigment.. I’m in love. Check it out!

MUGpigments 1MUGpigments 11MUGpigments 7
New Year’s Eve PigmentMUGpigments 12
New Year’s Eve Pigment

New Year’s Eve is a super light beige with loads of gold sparkle. The beige base color doesn’t show up much unless you use it wet, so really this is just a super sparkle shade. Used wet it would work as a quick all-over daytime shade, but dry you could layer a bit over other colors to give some sparkle! 


MUGpigments 3

Sweet Dreams PigmentMUGpigments 14Sweet Dreams Pigment

Sweet Dreams is a light tan with silver shimmer. This one applies like buttahhh. Super smooth and a super flattering shade.


MUGpigments 6Afterglow Pigment

MUGpigments 13
Afterglow Pigment

Afterglow is like a step up from Sweet Dreams. It’s in that same category of a light tan, it’s just a bit deeper and more intense. It also seems to have more gold in it. 


MUGpigments 4
Liquid Gold PigmentMUGpigments 15
Liquid Gold Pigment

Liquid Gold is just that- liquidy gold pigment! Gorgeous and super unique. It reminds me of a MAC pigment, but this one doesn’t smell like old pennies :) This swatch is applied dry, and it totally doesn’t look it. love!

MUGpigments 9
Birthday Wish Pigment
MUGpigments 16
Birthday Wish Pigment

Birthday Wish is a really gorgeous peachy coral with gold sparkle. All you Blue eyes out there- get this! Amazing!

MUGpigments 10

Enchanted PigmentMUGpigments 17
Enchanted Pigment

Enchanted is a cool toned raspberry/cranberry shade. This would be a great shade to use for a reddish smokey eye, with some warm brown shades.. ooh I’m getting inspired :)

MUGpigments 8Paparazzi Pigment

MUGpigments 18Paparazzi Pigment

Paparazzi is a slate gray with LOADS of silver sparkle. My swatch makes it look a LOT lighter than it is. This pigment is total sparkle overload!

MUGpigments 5Insomnia PIgment

MUGpigments 20Insomnia Pigment

Insomnia is a dark warm red brown with blue green sparkle. DUOCHROME!! This is like Club from MAC, but on steroids. 

MUGpigments 2
Utopia PigmentMUGpigments 19Utopia Pigment

Utopia is a dupe for MAC Reflects Antique Gold, but it’s a pigment so its a LOT easier to work with. Such an amazing shade!!


Each of these are available for $6.99 from Makeup Geek. So inexpensive, what reason is there not to check them out???



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  1. Ambernicholl says

    I am really interested in the last 2 colors. they are so pretty.

  2. Jen says

    Utopia pops out at me. Nice to know it’s easy to work with because it doesn’t necessarily look like it would be.

  3. Edna says

    I want Utopia, Insomnia, Liquid Gold and Birthday Wish!

  4. Letitia Harriet says

    I NEED to get some Makeup Geek products ASAP!!

    Also, I have a video/ blog post request. Would you be able to show how you take you photos? Like what lighting, camera, settings, location and things you use? It would be really interesting to me and I’m sure loads of others! :)

  5. Phyrra says

    I love New Years Eve! It’s such a pretty lid shade.

  6. Mileena Smith says

    I have a mighty need for that last one!

  7. Tamara says

    What is the net weight of each product? I think Liquid gold is stunning.

  8. amanda.e.lemon.a says

    Are you able to post a picture of all the swatches next to each other on your arm? I like swatches like that because I can compare the colours to each other.

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