NEW MAC “A Fantasy of Flowers” Collection

MAC’s newest collection is called A Fantasy of Flowers and is themed around springtime. The collection is mainly mineralized products, including a repromote of a very popular old Mineralized Skinfinish- Stereo Rose (although I have heard this new version is very different from the original, but I don’t have the original so I can’t comment on that myself) I have a couple of pieces of the collection here to share with you- Two of the eyeshadow quads, a blush, a gloss and lipstick, and the skinfinish. 

In general, I’m not a huge fan of mineralized products from MAC, especially the eyeshadows. From my experience they are usually very, very shimmery and just don’t apply nicely. I always get drawn in because they look pretty, but never end up using them. The cheek products are nice, and the lip products here are also pretty and follow the consistency of all MAC lustre lipsticks and creme sheen glosses. Favorite products here are the lip products, by far. 

MACflowers 1MACflowers 2 Stereo Rose Mineralized Skinfinish

MACflowers 3 Stereo Rose Mineralized Skinfinish

MACflowers 12 Stereo Rose Mineralized Skinfinish

MACflowers 4Azalea In The Afternoon Mineralize Blush

MACflowers 5Azalea In The Afternoon Mineralize Blush

MACflowers 13Azalea In The Afternoon Mineralize Blush

MACflowers 6 Mineralize Eyeshadow Quads

MACflowers 7 Pink Sensibilities Mineralize Eye Shadow Quad 

MACflowers 15Pink Sensibilities Mineralize Eye Shadow Quad 

MACflowers 8In The Meadow Mineralize Eye Shadow Quad

 MACflowers 14In The Meadow Mineralize Eye Shadow Quad

MACflowers 9MACflowers 10 Fleur D’Coral Lustre Lipstick

MACflowers 16 Fleur D’Coral Lustre Lipstick

MACflowers 17 Fleur D’Coral Lustre Lipstick

MACflowers 11 Star Quality Cremesheen Glass

MACflowers 18 Star Quality Cremesheen Glass

MACflowers 19 Star Quality Cremesheen Glass

Mineralized Skinfinish: $30
Mineralized Blush: $25
Mineralized Eye Shadow Quad: $21
Lustre Lipstick: $16
Cremesheen Glass: $20 

Available from MAC Cosmetics.


Disclaimer: Some products shown in this post may have been provided by the brand of their PR representative for potential review or use. For more information, please read the Disclosure Policy.

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  • sydney godsey

    Thanks for the review!!!

    Loving this spring line:)

  • Chantel

    Gorgeous collection. i love everything.

  • Diana Newman

    i love the color of the cremesheen glass! I definitely think I’ll have to pick that up :)

  • mara

    i got 2 of the glosses and 2 lipsticks! i love them

  • sisi

    the lipsticks look lovely, but I’m gonna pass on the mineralized products! they’re not my favorite…
    enter my giveaway!

  • fancie

    Fleur d’Coral and Star Quality look so beautiful on you!

  • Hannah Marie

    everything looks so gorgeous!

  • Alexis Colon

    I love this collection, I’ve been so tired of all the dark shades that came out allll Fall/winter long!

  • Anonymous

    This release of Stereo Rose is unfortunately nothing like the original Stereo Rose. Incredibly disappointing. As were these eyeshadow quads. Big wet fart. MAC seriously needs to get their sh1t together.