NEW L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Shades: Part 2

L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadows are essentially a pressed pigment- you get the easy-to-apply quality that pressed shadows have, but the awesome pigmentation that you get with loose color. You also have the ability to use these wet- something that if you did with a regular pressed shadow could end up creating a hard film over the area you got wet, and making it pretty much useless until you scrape it off. No good!

These are very similar to the Armani Eyes to Kill shadows, which isn’t too surprising considering that L’Oreal owns Armani. The Armani shades have more depth to them- they remind me a little bit of Mineralized products in the sense that they have a few colors mixed together in a single shadow, while these L’Oreal ones are more one shade with shimmer. Here are the first three of the six new shades recently introduced!



lorealinfalliblees 996 Liquid Diamond: This color is a bit more lilac to me than diamond, it definitely has light purple tones more than silver in my opinion. This shade was very sheer when applied dry, and really liked to ball up and not apply nicely wet.

lorealinfalliblees 556 Smoldering Plum: deep purple with a vibrant purple-pink shimmer that really shows through when applied wet. Dry, this has much more of a brownish tone to it.

lorealinfalliblees 800 Bottomless Java: Warm medium brown with gold shimmer.


Swatches: Applied dry on left, wet on right:



As you probably can tell, these look best (and will last longest) when applied wet. Of these three shades, I definitely like Smoldering Plum best, although Bottomless Java would be a really nice, quick, lighter smokey eye!

Available for around $8 at Drugstores.

Check out my NEW L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows Shades Part 1 Post!



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  1. Valerie39 says

    errrr i want want want bottomless java

  2. Kelly says

    Smoldering Plum is beautiful!  How’s the wear, and is there a lot of fallout?  (That drives me nuts when they end up all over the lid like I just slathered one color on any skin above my eyeball, or worse – all over my cheeks!)

  3. Laralaurentia says

    Smoldering plum is just gorgeous! Can you make a look with it?

  4. catladyjunior says

    The gold one of these applies like the diamond one. So sad! If you work with it like crazy it can look nice but…gold shadows are a dime a dozen so it’s just not worth it.

  5. Chris Johnson says

    I sure wish I had read these two posts before my trip to the drugstore yesterday.  I looked at these eyeshadows and decided to pass them up, but I definitely would have tried the Emerald one from Part 1 if I had read these posts sooner.

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