NEW L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Shades: Part 1

L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadows are essentially a pressed pigment- you get the easy-to-apply quality that pressed shadows have, but the awesome pigmentation that you get with loose color. You also have the ability to use these wet- something that if you did with a regular pressed shadow could end up creating a hard film over the area you got wet, and making it pretty much useless until you scrape it off. No good!

These are very similar to the Armani Eyes to Kill shadows, which isn’t too surprising considering that L’Oreal owns Armani. The Armani shades have more depth to them- they remind me a little bit of Mineralized products in the sense that they have a few colors mixed together in a single shadow, while these L’Oreal ones are more one shade with shimmer. Here are the first three of the six new shades recently introduced!




lorealinfalliblees 557- Glistening Garnet: bright, vivid fuchsia full of shimmer.

lorealinfalliblees337 Endless Sea: Beautiful, beautiful blue-green. LOVE this shade, and it’s very appropriately named!

lorealinfalliblees 335 Golden Emerald: The best of the new Infallible shades. Awesome Golden green with amazing color payoff and a very prominent shimmer.


Swatches– Applied dry on left, wet on right:


These are in their most awesome form when applied wet, for sure! I love all three shades in this post, they all have nice color payoff and are super pretty and fun :)

Available from Drugstores for around $8




  1. Nesita says

    Golden Emerald is gorgeous, WANT! Haha

  2. Nicole Williams says

    L’Oreal Infallible eye shadows have beautiful colors. Its hard to pick a favorite.

  3. Stacie Kelly says

    These damn things get me every time.  I own all the shades they release.  They mostly sit in my stash unused, so I don’t know why I buy them.  But I just can’t help myself.  They are SOOOO pretty!!!

  4. Casey Wahl says

    SOO beautiful, and cheap too! Maybe you could do a post with your favorite drugstore products? That’d be cool, and very helpful! LOVEEE these!

  5. Mariana says

    I’d love to see a look with Endless Sea — I almost picked it up, but I have too many teals in my collection, haha.

  6. ellievlogs says

    The colours are pretty I just feel like I’ve seen them so many times before.

  7. Christinandsouza says

    I wonder if you mix Golden Emerald with Eternal sunshine(gold) or Eternal black, if it would give the drugstore brand some depth like Armani? Would be a lot cheaper!

    1. Crees says

       buying 3 colors would be almost the same prices as buying that one armani one

  8. April says

    Now I wish I hadn’t bought the first green they came out with. It’s a little too light for my taste.

  9. Jackie Sink says

    oh alisha! love your youtube channel and i dont know what took me so long to cross over to the blogosphere.  i have to tell you about a new company based out of Detroit, Whip hand cosmetics! i dont work for them or know them or anything. Im just from Michigan and love Detroit!  i recently placed an order for a couple of their creme eyeshadows but their loose pigments look to dye for! pun intended.  if you have a free moment check out their shop xxxxooxxx jac

  10. Kim says

    I usually don’t do pink shadows, but this I might have to. Goooorgeoussss!!! 

  11. Kaki At GlitterObsession says

    Gorgeous swatches. I may have to check these out. I picked up a few but didn’t like how they went on. How do you apply these wet? Wet brush into product?

  12. Mimize says

    But I don’t understand how you wet them ? Like you wet your brush and dip it in ? anyway ! Gorgeous swatches :D <3

    1. vwzen81 says

      I spray my brush with Mac Fix + and then put it into the eye shadow; works like a charm.

  13. Carina Holguin says

    These remind me of some of the eye shadows from the wetnwild 8pan eye shadows. Possible dupes?

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