New Haircut!

If you’ve seen my most recent tutorial, you could probably already tell that I got my haircut, but I wanted to put up a post about it because I tend to get asked questions about my different hair styles, mostly people asking what to tell the hair stylist if they want a haircut like mine. I find the easiest way to show what type of style you want is to bring in a picture for reference, because you could explain a style and know exactly what you want it to look like, but the hair stylist may see something totally different. Having a picture kind of gives you both common ground on what to do with your hair!

I went in with a picture of Victoria Beckham with her short, super blond asymmetric cut. I’ve been wanting to cut off my hair for awhile now simply because when it was long I just put no effort at all into it. My hair has been short for a good portion of my life and I feel like I know how to have fun with short hair more than I know how to do anything but straighten long hair. The hair stylist put all over highlights to brighten up the color and then bleached the roots which really helped to lighten my hair, then cut it into an asymmetric a-line style super piecey cut. I am absolutely in love with it, it’s so much fun and edgy without being over the top.


asymcutLeft Side


asymcutRight Side


asymcutThis shot shows the color a bit more true-to-life. The above pictures make it look much more golden, its much cooler-toned than that.




I like this cut too because it’s really easy to make it more funky. Above is what I would consider more toned down for the cut, but after not washing it for two days, you can see it becomes more fun :)

AsymcutDirty hair- the best kind of hair to play with. :)



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  • Anna

    This is the PERFECT haircut for you. It makes you look a lot more grown up but still young and fun =)

    Haircuts are so fun. Im going short again on tuesday and I can’t wait!

  • Freesia

    You look even more gorgeous, this haircut is so You!!!! Love it!

  • nora

    it’s so cute!!!! i have curly hair like yours and i would love to see it curly. i’ve been wanting to cut my hair short but i’ve been afraid to because of my curls!

    • Sarah

      I was going to ask the same thing, I have curly hair too but I’m scared it it’s too short it will just explode in a poof and I’ll have to straighten it every day :P

  • Amber

    I love it !!! Change is fun!!!
    Your hair has came so far!!! <3

  • Mariana

    i love ittt! you always look soo good!
    ily <3

  • Ivonne

    I love it!! I had this hair style done on my hair about a year ago right before summer and loved it. I had fun with it I really didnt have to worry about it but a quick blow dry on the days that I wanted to tame my curls. LOL

  • Rosie

    That looks like the haircut I’ve been sporting for a while now. The back for sure, the front I do bangs to the side or whole like flapper style. You look cute.

  • Elizabeth

    LOVE IT. Especially the messy version. ^_^

  • Bekah

    Love it! Absolutely adorable!!!! I’ve had my hair cut similar to that and I loved it

  • Renske

    Hihi, I have the same haircut for a while now. It was a fun haircut, but I am now trying the let it grow (yes, trying haha, it’s hard you know) This haircut fits you to! I like this style very much!

  • Cassy

    I love it! You make me miss having short blonde hair. I haven’t even gotten so much as a trim in over a year now!

  • Harri

    I’d love to see how it looks when you leave your hair curly.

  • Catherine

    You look so good with the haircut! I love it =)

  • Mar

    Love it!, question… is it much harder to straighten it now that is short than when it was long?

  • Katrina

    love it. Looks so good on you!

  • Michelle


  • Phyrra

    Love it! I had my hair cut asymmetrical towards the end of January after I fell in love with Quorra’s cut in Tron Legacy.

    • chrisitna

      lol so did I!!! the bangs only, cus I have ringlets, i dont want to be committed to regular straightenign.

  • Jolene

    Looks amazing on you! Wish I lived by your hairdresser!

  • Lauren

    I love it! I have my hair the same way and it’s so easy to work with and great for summer!! It fits you perfectly!!!

  • Kenz

    Ah, too bad if I go longer than 24 hours without washing my hair it gets greasy and limp. Like someone poured a bucket of cooking oil on my head.

    And I’ve heard unwashed hair is easier to style, too…

    • Emily

      My hair is the same way, which makes dying my hair a killer since i HAVE to wash it every day. I’ve found using conditioner only on my ends helps a tad, but in the end…my hair does as it pleases..which seems to always trend toward the opposite direction i want it to :(

  • Casey

    VERY fierce! I think a haircut like this comes in handy for days when you just feel like not wearing makeup so your fierce hair makes up for it. It’s nice to see you with something different! I’d say this is your best hair color and style yet! The shape really brings out your features and I think this is a keeper!

    This is kinda gonna sound strange, but have you ever considered modeling, espcially beauty shots? You have avery gorgeous and unique face and I think you’d be really great at modeling makeup! Just a thought!

  • Cindy


  • Leslie

    its very sassy I like it

  • Kerry

    Love the haircut! Will you please show what it looks like curly? I have long curly hair and want to do something drastic. This cut is very drastic! I know I do not have the patience to straighten it every day. Can you wear it curly at all?

  • shadkitty

    Pictures really are the best thing to have when you’re going into a salon. And I feel the exact same way about short hair vs. long hair! When my hair is short, it is usually styled more often.

  • Jen

    I love it, it looks great!

  • Simone

    love it!!!!
    I totally could have given you this cut….
    I am a hairstylist at Aveda in Washington DC

  • Cerina

    You look great with short hair! My face is too round.. I can’t pull it off :(

  • Ivy Cross

    nice hair cut~ .
    i tend to just go to the hair cutters and let them do whatever they want so long as it doesn’t hit my shoulders~

  • Gabrielle

    It looks very Coco Chanel!! <3 itt!!

  • lexi

    i hate it

    • lala


  • Cassondra

    see, this cut totally suits you!!! adorable!!! i need a cut too. i cut my hair once every few months {i know, BAD!} but everytime i go in, its a new style / color. always. huge change. i was thinking about doing something like this for summertime.

  • Nicole

    it looks great! :D

  • Crystal

    It looks amazing, I love your haircut. In all the video’s/pics since the cut you look amazing! Not that you didn’t before:)

  • Abigail

    I love your haircut, it’s beautiful and it suits you really well :)

    I always wanted my hair to be as long as possible, but it ended up always being in a ponytail.
    It was so liberating when I had it cut to the shoulder-length :)

    When I lose some weight, I plan to cut it even shorter. Would you mind if I take your picture as a reference? :)

  • Aria the hairstyle! i remember you saying on one of your youtube videos about running promenade through your hair or something? which product from promenade do you use, im not really familiar with the product :$

  • Sami

    I just realised this new hair of yours makes you look EXACTLY like Veruca in Buffy, the werewolf chick in season 4 that makes Oz go all funny. Looks fantastic :)