New Hair! Undercut a la Miley Cyrus

I always get asked for photos of my hair, so since I just got it cut I thought I’d remember this time :)

Ever since Miley Cyrus cut her hair off, I’ve been dyyyying to copy it. I don’t know why I never thought to get an undercut with my pixie, as the one thing I hate most about it is the sides and back  growing too fast, resulting in less than awesome looks and a mullet in the back. I give Miley serious props for doing that drastic of a change in one step; it took me at least two weeks to really embrace my hair when i first cut it off (and I had only cut off a few inches!) 

Here is a full 360 of the new cut. I had them do an undercut on the lower half of my hair, but had the top cut around the sides so it wasn’t super harsh. You honestly can’t tell for the most part (I can push my hair down on the left side if I want to so it’s less obvious) but overall I’m so happy with it. It will take forever to grow out, so I’ll get more length on the top to be able to frame my face without dealing with the annoyance of it growing on the sides. 


 undercutundercutundercutundercutundercut this picture makes my head look like a truffula tree

  This post is making me want some new piercings. one of these days i need to get a new stud for my lobe piercing that fell out and redo my tragus piercings. mehhhh soooon haha :)

Also since it’s been asked a lot- the color is kind of a happy accident. It’s a mix of Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink and Cotton Candy Pink, Pravana Pink, and Paul Mitchel Inkworks Hot Pink. there might be some purple in there too idk hahah


  1. shay batte says

    i love love love it!!!!!! what do you use to color your hair? the cut and color together are PERFECT. <3 <3

    1. Rebecca G. says

      end of the post….”
      the color is kind of a happy accident. It’s a mix of Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink and Cotton Candy Pink, Pravana Pink, and Paul Mitchel Inkworks Hot Pink. there might be some purple in there too idk hahah”

  2. Ashley says

    It looks so amazing! I wish I could pull off this style but my face is way to round/full to do so. I bet it’s awesome for the hot summer there, too!

  3. kristy says

    you look gorgeous!

  4. Leslie Bunt says

    I was wondering why you didn’t get the sides cut shorter before! LOVE IT!

  5. Erin says

    When pics of Miley came out with her new haircut, I immediately thought of you!!! It looks so cute!

  6. gingeranna says

    Truffula tree!! SO true! Hahaha! Love it :)

  7. HelzNguyen says

    Love this hair style on you! I been loving since I saw it on Miley :) it suits you both really well, but that color.. Damn, looks mad awesome! Looking at these pics, makes me miss my pixie hair days so much!

  8. Leora L Oplinger says

    Love!!! This looks so good on you, both the color & the cut! You are gorgeous!!!

  9. franki says

    Looks great! :)

  10. Chloe says

    Love it! Looks awesome on you Leesha <3

  11. Natalie says

    I got an undercut this week too….only my hair is long and it’s only on one side….kinda ellie goulding-esque.

  12. Shi says

    Love the cut. Great improvement

  13. frickster32 says

    I love it! You look fabulous!

  14. missquitecute says

    this haircut looks way better on you than is does on miley, i think she looks really boyish (is that a word??) i also think the blond makes her kinda pale, altough that could be just the pictures or my computer, but you’re rock’n it

  15. prizim says

    GOR-GEOUS! it made me want to go back to pink :)

  16. Liza M says

    Wow, I love it! I’m dying to cut my hair like that, but it’s currently past my boobs so I don’t dare haha!

  17. Jeanathi says

    Stunning :)

  18. Shannon Blair says

    Ok so I have seen a bunch of people asking about the color of your hair and I just recently went back to pink ( I was inspired by you and a few other lovely ladies rocking pink hues) and thought I would let you know that Special Effects ‘ Atomic Pink’ is a really close match to what you have. I used a mix of Atomic pink and Cupcake pink which gave my hair a less intense hot pink, but using only Atomic pink will get you a color that is super close to what you have without having to be a mad scientist. the only problem is Special Effects can only be found on amazon or a few other sites as far as I know. Below is a photo of my pink hair. Oh and Shaving your head IS and amazing feeling! I totally agree it is something that people should try if they’re looking for a new and edgy look. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  19. Lolaz says

    Love it…..simply daring and beautiful!! Rock it out!!

  20. Phyrra says

    I love your haircut! Looks great! Hot Hot Pink + Cotton Candy Pink is a fun combo. You might also like Fuchsia Shock, too :)

  21. Sam says

    Looove it! You really really suit short hair! It gives you an edge but still looks a bit girly. I’m really tempted to cut mine that short when it’s summer down under :D xxx

  22. carrie says

    Luv both the cut & color! What happened to your tragus piercings?

  23. Jess says

    Your hair looks frikkin awesome! I LOVE the pink!!!! I have a similar cut – without the undercut, but yours looks so much better. Lol. You totally rock any hairstyle you try!!

    -Also, what’s on your lips in these pics? So pretty.

  24. Perilously Pale says

    Wow you look so gorgeous in these pictures. Your skin looks flawless and that hair (cut and colour) are meant for you. Love!

  25. CrixJoki says

    Awesome :) and like Missquitecute said, it looks waaay better on You than on Miley.

  26. Rebecca says

    What happened to your tragus piercings?

  27. Alexis Colon says

    Abosolutely in love with this cut! Wish I had the guts to do it.

  28. Josephine says

    That looks awesome on you. Love your style!

  29. stephanie says

    i really like it!

  30. Michaelaped says

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