New Dinair Compressor Comparison

Dinair has recently redesigned their airbrush compressor, and the changes they have made are really significant! I thought I’d show you a comparison between the new compressor and the old one.



Main Changes:

  • Air-pressure dial also works to turn system on/off
  • On/off light under air-pressure dial
  • On/off light blinks when air-pressure is too high
  • MUCH quieter than previous model

If you are interested in this, here is the kit I recommend!

DinairDinair 1

This kit has everything you need to start airbrushing and is the cheapest set you’ll find for the quality that it is. You can get this set through Dinair’s website by clicking here!


Want more info on Airbrushing? Check out my Airbrush 101 post, and my Inside Airbrush post! :)



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  1. Michelle says:

    I’m from the Philippines and we have airbrush systems but of different brands.

    Are there any general ways of telling if it’s a good airbrush system?

    • Michelle says:

      Hey Michelle we have the same name! Hehe – happens a lot. :)
      Some airbrush systems are better than others – I know you can get generic compressor brands that work well but aren’t specifically for the beauty industry. Some of these can be super loud too! You don’t want a powerful compressor for airbrushing makeup. The airgun should be dual action and the size of the needle also makes a difference. Can’t you get Dinair in the Philippines?
      You can find help choosing an airbrush makeup gun here:
      Good luck!

  2. Rose says:

    I got my dinair about 2 weeks ago and I LOVE IT! I have been trying for my entire life (well, since I began wearing makeup) to get my skin this even and perfect! I abso-friggen-lutely love it.

    I would love for you to do some more looks with the dinair in terms of eyeshadow. I’ve tried it a couple of times and it was a disaster.

  3. vanessa says:

    i love my dinair system but i was wondering if you only use their make up in it or if you have found another that you prefer?

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