Naked Cosmetics Twilight Collection: Swatches, Photos

One of my new favorite collections from Naked Cosmetics is their Twilight Collection. I didn’t really play with this collection until I went to IMATS Vancouver and saw it in action! One of the girls working for the Naked Cosmetics booth had the pink in this collection on, and I hadn’t realized before that these all are really gorgeous duochromes, which are my favorite types of shadows (meaning they have a different color sparkle than their base color!).

This collection is very color-appropriate for the name, as all the colors are cool-toned and kind of mystical :)





I’m obsessed with the colors in this set, they’re so gorgeous! The cloudy blue 2nd to the top left is so unique, as is the pink next to it with the peach sparkle, and I LOVE that purpley-black/blue! Lots of really different colors here.
The best part about Naked Cosmetics colors is using them wet, especially the lighter colors, as they just instantly come to life! These were all swatched over an ELF eyeshadow base, but if you were to use the colors dry I would recommend a shadow-enhancer underneath them, such as a cream color base or a white eyeliner pencil, just to help pack on the color. I have noticed that these are more sparkly when used dry, and more shimmery when used wet (I really hope that makes sense, haha!)
These are available for $60 as a set or $15 each from Naked Cosmetics. Just a tip- if you are in the industry, apply for their Pro discount (link to it is on the main page of their website) as it greatly reduces the price for the collections! :)



  1. evo143 says

    ack! i didn’t see this set at imats and i didn’t get to meet up with u either! boo! hopefully i can get this next year at imats. hope u had fun in vancouver!

  2. Abby says

    SO PRETTY! Loving that aqua blue color!

  3. Bente Fie says

    I’m surprised there isn’t an amber and an onyx color in the stack. I do like the colors though.

  4. Nina says

    I could not find this stack on the Naked Cosmetics website ;(

  5. Evelyn says

    these are gorgeous! At first I thought it was in collaboration with the Twilight movie! LOL … I’d still buy these anyway :-) thanks for swatching!

  6. Melissa says

    Wow, these are gorgeous! I deffinetly need to get these! Or at least the tanish one and the black/blue one. Amazing!

  7. yoshimi says

    These are nice, yes, but TKB Trading has forever tarnished my respect for loose eyeshadow sellers that sell pots for more than $7. The thought of paying $15 for a pot of loose eyeshadow just makes me shake my head in disbelief :/

  8. Kristen.Quixotic says

    all these colors are gorgeous. i especailly like the black-blue one!

  9. Sarah S. says

    Hi Leesha! These are sooo pretty! How do you manage to photograph sparkles so well? I find it kind of difficult. Is it all about the lighting or the camera?

  10. Kelly Smith says

    wow they are very sparkles in it it just makes the lovely colors a-lot better not that they are not cool it just makes them look awesome.

  11. Amber says

    i want to try naked cosmetics so bad but i am so broke ass right now i owe $$ everywhere lol maybe someday …

  12. Mary says

    You NEED to have more vibrent more like really bright pretty colors

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