Naked Cosmetics- Cotton Candy Collection Photos, Swatches

While at IMATS last month, I managed to pick up quite a lot of collections from Naked Cosmetics, and this was one of my favorites! This collection is called Cotton Candy, and is appropriately named as the colors are all light and airy looking and include mainly pastels. These colors are super super shimmery as well, especially when applied wet! I’ll work on getting the rest of these collections swatched over the next few weeks for you guys, they really are gorgeous!










NCcottoncandyApplied dry on left, wet on right


  1. NeutraKris says

    They’re gorgeous! I bet you’re so excited to play with them. Can’t wait to see some tutorials!

  2. Misato-san says

    I don’t know this company and will google it later but… good choice Leesha! I can see why you liked this collection… it’s of my own taste too XDDDD
    Seems so cute <333

  3. Shea says

    That purple is calling out to me. I need it. Like, now. ):

  4. Christy says

    Do these have good staying power or do they wear off?

  5. Donna says

    do you feel like you sometimes waste product when you open the jar and all of it spills down the sides and stuff? I used to have a set of eyeshadows just like this (Maybe Naked? I inherited them from a friend a long, long time ago) and I noticed that everytime I opened them up pigment spilled all over the place no matter how careful I was.. super annoying!

    1. Leesha says

      the good thing about naked cosmetics is that they dont come in a stack, each color has a lid, so if you dont want them to be in a stack you dont have to have them that way. I do because I need to be able to keep the colors from each collection together, so its easier for me :)

    2. Aielle84 says

      The best solution is to store these sitting straight up. I have had the same problem in the past when I had the pigments on their side when stacked. =/ There isn’t much you can do except put a piece of paper under the container when you are opening it and then pouring what falls out back into the pot afterwards.

      1. kelli says

        coastal scents sells rotating sifters. you just put them in and they closer or open with a twist

  6. katrina says

    They look amazing. They are a little more then most, are they worth the extra $$$?


  7. cass says

    Can you also do swatches of the other Naked stacks? :D

  8. Kristen says

    i’m in love with the dark blue-purple color.

  9. Megan says

    Leesha, if I had to wait to use all of the new make-up I bought to take swatches and take pictures for other people I would probs explode. You are an amazing person and for this I thank you. <3

  10. Aielle84 says

    I want that yellow.

    On another note, is there a vibrant matte yellow that you would recommend? I have amber lights and golden rod from MAC but they lean towards gold are not catching enough for a look I’m trying to go for.

    1. Leesha says

      sugarpill buttercupcake!

  11. Jaika says

    wow..those are amazing!

  12. Laura says

    OMG! Those are the loveliest pastel shimmers I’ve ever seen! <3 Wish I could get them here though. *le sigh*

  13. Vien says

    Hi- where can we buy these naked cosmetic eyeshadows?? I checked their website and looks like for wholesale only?

    Thanks! =)

  14. Chelle says

    Will you be doing swatches for all the stacks you have? I’m very interested in the iridescent one you got (was it ivory or something?) and was really hoping to see swatches of it.

  15. Lisette says

    These colors are sooo pretty. I had so much trouble choosing which collection to buy because they were all gorgeous, I ended up getting the Tropical Indulgence collection at last years IMATS. This collection will definitely be in my make up kit soon!

  16. emma says

    Omg! i love them Naked Cosmetics their are so some really good color!

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