Nails: One Less Lonely Glitter (Justin Bieber Collection)


One Less Lonely Glitter
One Less Lonely Glitter
One Less Lonely Glitter

One Less Lonely Glitter is a pale purple polish with different sized glitter particles. This one was a bit tricky to work with, I kept having little pieces of glitter sticking off the ends of my nails so it wasn’t a clean line. It’s a little chunky, obviously, because of the different sized glitter, but it becomes pretty opaque with 2-3 coats. I’d recommend using a top coat with this polish, as glitter polishes tend to leave your nails feeling a bit gritty, and using a thick top coat (seche vite comes to mind) will make your nails feel smooth.

I just looked on the Nicole By OPI website, and I didn’t realize their were so many Bieber colors! My Ulta had maybe 5 or 6 on display, but the website is showing 14. Jeez!

Have you guys gotten any of these? I’m always hesitant to buy Nicole by OPI because they sell for around $7, and I feel like that’s kinda pricey for nail polish when you can get China Glaze and such online for under 3 bucks, but I really liked the colors when I saw swatches online!

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  1. dawn says:

    i bought the one called OMB. i really wasnt planning on buying any of these because i’m not to fond of Nicole by OPI polishes, but when i saw this color in the store it was so so so so pretty that i couldnt help but buy it. my store only had like 7 of the colors on display too. now i’m sort of tempted to buy more.

  2. Jaime says:

    I have this in a matte formula? I found it hidden at walmart a couple of months ago and haven’t seen it since ;_; But it works suuuuuper well as a matte.

  3. Megan says:

    I really love the colour but I can’t stand JB so I couldn’t buy them :( Anyone know of any dupes of this nail polish?

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