Nails of the Day: Zoya Adina

This polish is a really cool, really unique color. It’s a violet chrome with a bright green duochrome when it hits the light. Depending on the angle of your nails, the color can look like a metallic chrome color with a pale purple hue, a brighter violet with hints of magenta and silver, or show the really cool green duochrome sparkle.




You can really see the duochrome here :)


  1. Maria says

    Oh thats beautiful! How many coats is that?

    1. Leesha says

      two :)

  2. Amy says

    WOW! this is so pretty!!! love it!

  3. Lina says

    That is a truly gorgeous nail polish!

  4. Ann Kristin says

    wow, that’s amazing!

  5. SaRawrrr says

    Awwwh Pretty:)

  6. Harri says

    I can’t wait to get mine!!!

  7. sam says


  8. Melyssa says

    That’s funny – I was gonna make that my nail color starting tomorrow. It looks pretty on you. :)

  9. Rachael says

    So pretty. How long does zoya polishes last on you? Do you use a base coat? And if so, what kind?

    1. Leesha says

      I’m actually doing an experiment right now, one hand using the whole zoya color-lock system, the other with my tried and true seche vite. i have to say seche vite is winning the no-chip race, saves any polish :)

  10. Susie says

    So pretty! I had all my polishes for this deal picked out but when I tried to order it it wouldn’t work. I even called customer service, the couldn’t help me. So frusterating -_-

  11. Brandee says

    Omg I relly want this one.. So pretty

  12. Tempeste says

    This is exactly like Let Me Go by Sinful Colors :D

  13. Purplelicious says

    Wow that is really metallic love it

  14. Louise says

    omg i love this i think its soo much better then one simple boring colour :) how much does this cost and wear do you get it from??

  15. Jessica says

    Where did you get it?????

  16. Sarah says

    How pretty is that?! Love it. :)

  17. Carolina says

    Super gorgoeus! I Have another zoya duocrome polish that I really adore so I bet this one looks pretty awesome too :D Got to look after this one! :)

  18. Hadar says

    i ordered this one too!! it’s amazing!

  19. Brittaney says

    It would go really well with Urban Decay’s Asphyxia!

  20. Fien says

    I like this one very much!

  21. Tildz says

    I got this a little while ago and it’s just AMAZING!!
    Tell me, if you were to add a glitter polish on top of that, which one would you use ?

  22. Marisa van Dyck says

    It almost looks like you have a base coat of a dark purple!
    That seriously looks awesome :)

  23. Phyrra says

    It reminds me of a brighter/lighter version of Zoya Ki.

  24. Kacee says

    could you do a first impressions on the Sally Hansen Salon effects nail strips?
    please and thank youuu:)

  25. Ray says

    Woooow this is just wat i want right now..looks like the cold version of nars’ bohemian rhapsody!

  26. Kallen says

    omg that is an amazing color! Where can you buy Zoya nail Polish?

    1. K says in america.

  27. daddy girl says

    love it papa will buy for me 2 sure daaaaaaaaaaah

  28. Tiffany Crump says

    Oh I love that. That was one of the colors I wanted!

  29. Mei Ling says

    All the Reverie Collection by Zoya is amazing! I’m wearing Happi from this collection today ;)

  30. *Allycat* says

    i don’t know if they are way behind on orders, but i ordered the 3 free nail polishes and the order still has nit been processed when i check the website. I really don’t want to have to cancel it. :(

  31. Lee says

    there’s a sinful colors nail polish that would be a good dupe for this color i just don’t remember the name but i have it.

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