Nails of the Day: Yell oh!

I’m pretty sure I’ve done these nails before (or something very similar) and uploaded it on here, but I had a ton of people asking what nail polish I was wearing in my last Fierce Friday video, so here they are!



Illamasqua Wayward with OPI Cabana Banana on top. Illamasqua has AMAZING nail polishes, definitely my favorite thing from their line. This yellow does NOT disappoint, its a gorgeous creamy sunshine yellow. I just like to sometimes make cream polishes shimmery, which is why I added the Cabana Banana, which is pretty sheer and just adds a nice lemony shimmer.

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  • Rebecca Mince

    You are absolutely gorgeous.. I would do you.

  • amanda

    Where’s a good place to buy Illamasqua nail polish?
    Specifically, online…the Sephora website?

  • http://WWW.KESHIADOLCE.COM Keshia

    It’s sad that I can’t buy from They don’t ship to Australia :(

  • Jen

    Wonderful color!

  • star

    i love that yellow its pretty.

  • Lauren

    Soo pretty!!

    In case people want a cheaper alternative or can’t find those polishes, there is a brand called Pure Ice that has a very similar color. ( I know the brand is sold at walmart, not sure where else.) The color is called Excuse Me, and it is a very bright, almost neon, very shimmery yellow polish! It takes about 3 coats, but with a really nice top coat it lasts well over 2 weeks :)

  • Laura

    Cute, cute. :)

  • Kelsey

    I’m loving yellow nail polish right now

  • Jeri

    I love the yellow nail polishes, too–or at least I loved them until I realized how badly they stained my nails (specifically Sephora by OPI). :’( Really bad experience, and I’ve never painted my nails pretty yellow ever since. But I’m dying to try these out and also the China Glaze Sun Worshipper. Do these stain at all?

    • Kaydence

      Nail polish stains are never a problem as long as you use a base coat(:

  • Casey

    I love these yellows, do you ever do drugstore polishes?

  • Erica

    Illamasqua’s rampage is my abosolute favorite. I wear it all the time… definitely a good investment