Nails of the Day: Purple Glitter Matte

I’ve been wanting to try this matte glitter top coat since I got it a few weeks ago, but just kinda.. didn’t, other than swatching. I wanted to do something bright too, so I thought I’d try it on top of a neon purple. I seriously forgot how COOL this glitter top coat is! I swear. Glitter polishes is the main reason to get a matte top coat, and to have one that already has glitter in it (and an INSANE amount at that, most glitter top coats have a measly amount of glitter that barely shows up) is AWESOME!

I used Essie’s Perky Purple and Man Glaze Hot Mess Glitter Top Coat

mmmm.. matte goodness. Isn’t matte glitter cool? This is two coats of the glitter top coat. Originally I only had one, but since I waited two days to take pictures for you, it wasn’t as matte looking, so I added another coat for the pictures.

You can see below what it looks like after a few days. the matteness definitely begins to wear off, and it has a subtle shine.

Sorry this isn’t clearer, but this is one coat.

Of course, you can always add a regular top coat, like seche vite, and get ultra awesome shiny blinding glitter nails!

DSC02536.jpg @ 49.7% (RGB/8*)
ooooh baby.


What’s also cool about this glitter topcoat is that it’s super fine glitter, so the top coat is super smooth and not at all grainy feeling. Definite Plus!

You can get the Man Glaze top coat, along with an awesome matte black and silver, here.

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  1. Rachel says:

    This is so cool, because actually I did that same essie purple a month ago and put silver glitter on it! I’m so glad to know know that there’s matte sparkle!

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