Nails of the Day: Nubar Sky Sparkle & Night Sparkle

BLAAAAH. I had a nail disaster today. My window was open like, a millimeter, and it was windy outside, so it was making this loud annoying howling creepy ghost noise. I wanted to film my Fierce Friday look, and the last thing I wanted was creepy noises in the background! I guess I didnt realize that there was actually something blocking the window from going all the way down, and so when i tried to push it down, my fingers slipped and because of that, three of my nails broke REALLY short. normally I’d be bummed, but this especially annoyed me because they were the longest they had been in, well, ever! booo. So, because basically my whole right hand was short little nubs, I just evened out my left hand so it’s all even and can start from scratch. :/ Boooo.

AAAAANYWAYS, I just painted them with pretty sparkly Nubar colors. Even though they’re super short and blah, the color is soo fun!!

Nubar Sky Sparkle over Night Sparkle


Nubar Sky Sparkle


Nubar Night Sparkle


  1. tati says

    They are soooooo pretty. I like the colors (:

  2. PolishdCindy says

    I love this color! Can’t go wrong with blue and glitter!

  3. jackieg02 says

    I’d love to see swatches of all your new Nubar colors!

  4. emily says

    Awesome! I LOVE extreme sparkes on nails. :) glitter = great.

  5. mochamishmash says

    So pretty and fun! Nubar’s got it going on!

  6. Annie says

    Aaww, poor you! I have short nails, & I’m clumsy as hell, so can’t really be bothered to try and grow them, haha.
    AWESOME polishes, though :]

  7. Amberlynn says

    i love the night sparkle, it’s definately something i’d wear =)

  8. Vanessa says

    Aww, that’s a pity. :( But don’t worry, your nails still look great!

  9. lana says

    where did u buy them from? thanks

  10. melissa says

    awesome nails! idk where this wind is coming from in az but myyyy goodness! i know what your talking about!

  11. Elaine says

    <3 it

  12. Kendall says

    cute! <3.

  13. Daiana says

    I made the same look for my nails without even watching this! Haha! The only difference is that I took a green with some yellow nail polish and painted them with a coat of that and then on the top of it I painted them with a blue glitter nail polish! You should try it out!!

  14. Freda says

    I like the idea but the colors are to dark and look too much with glitter .

  15. Tadpoll says

    oooooohh that’s pretty…

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