April 17, 2014
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  • Marloes

    Love it !

  • http://www.annotationsofafailure.com Annie


  • nita

    OMG! gonna go do this right NOW!!

  • http://phyrra.net Phyrra

    Very cute nails!

  • eugie73

    I just did mine with similar colors and you are right. It’s ridiculously easy. Is there any way I can send you some pics? Thanks for the idea.

  • http://kelseyr2.blogspot.com Kelsey

    the leopard pattern isn’t hard to make yourself if you have the sally hansen nail art pen

  • suedechik79

    my jaw dropped. amazing.

  • http://retrourbanrainbow.com retrourbanrainbow

    wow i remember lisa frank! feels retro! lol

  • http://www.mandyemais.blogspot.com Mandy

    Gee!!! I loved it!

  • http://www.jianandjay.webs.com Lisa Warner

    So cute I can’t wait to watch the video !!!

  • Dagmar

    Oh this is sooo awesome!! I can`t get enough of it! Just a great look!!!

  • http://jonnahammaren.blogspot.com Jonna


  • Francesca

    :O! I LOVE IT! :D I Have Way Shakey Hands,When i try something like that its just a big messy blob :L x

  • http://www.theuncensored.wordpress.com Dara

    this seems like a ton of work and i’m sure it’ll never work out as
    perfect on my nails. but still, going to try it some time!

  • Lee

    I did mine. They turned out great. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nicolle

    Hehe. Saw this on sayanythingbr00kes channel, and then again on xsparkage.com <3
    Totally bought some konad stuff online, and then bought the other stuff i couldnt find on the local (New Zealand) ebay-type site from ebay and am waiting eagerly for it in the mail!! Totally fell in love with this, and bought konad JUST BECAUSE of this :) and, got my konad intro kit fdrom the local site – LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Wish I had got it sooner :P
    Also got some china glaze polishes from the romantiques and khrome collection – another new love!!! p.s — Leesha I loved your matte black cupcake nails you did with sayanythingbr00ke – wicked :) luv ya!! xx

    Also, thinking about flying over to Australia to go to IMATS from hearing it from you and josh last year :) ahhh….love.

    • Lossa

      TradeMe has them (and I noticed Sella did too but only from a newbee seller). I got an intro set for $nz20 on Trademe with a plate, stamper and 2 miniture special polishes.

      • Nicolle

        Yeah!! thats what i got too :) but couldnt find the zebra plate and double sided stamper i wanted…then as soon as i got from ebay TM posted some zenra plates. ahh!

  • Nicolle

    zomg extra lon post lmao. whoops

  • Nicolle

    AND, you should totally do more nails on YT – konad or other :) x

  • http://charismaticoffense.blogspot.com/ Chelsea

    Where can you buy China Glaze nail polish? I’ve looked everywhere :(

    • Nicolle

      I got my China Glaze polishes off trademe, but you can get them on ebay too… not sure of any shops, but i bet thre is some out there!

  • lex

    if anyone does this tutorial make sure you use light colors because dark colors dont show the lepard print as well :/

    • Nicolle

      I did it using black as a base, them metallic leopard prints, also did it the same way with zebra, looks cooL!

  • http://spookynails.blogspot.com sabbatha

    X, where are you?:)

  • Dee-Dee

    LOVE IT !! its so fun :)

  • dianna

    howdy….just wondering..are you in NYC right now? I thought I saw you yesterday but I wasn’t too sure and didn’t want to come up and be like hey you’re the makeup guru to some random chick that wasn’t you…..haha. sorry. I would have said Hi and Thank you! =)

  • Joan

    I just found your blog yesterday and I’m addicted! I hope you post more soon…

  • http://beexcentric-beyourself.blogspot.com Noelia

    I can´t do that :(
    Your are great!!!!!!!

  • princessluchia

    its so awesome! i try it, and its really hard ^^

  • Wren

    Does the pink stamp thing you used come with the image plate or is it found elsewhere on the wowsocool site?

  • jojo

    WHOA dude is that hard to do? THATS INSANE AND CUTE!

  • http://www.bubblyseahorsesoap.etsy.com Bubblyseahorse

    I LOVE THIS!!!!! How awesome! I have to do this….

  • Tina

    I know this is an old thread….but I just ran across it yesterday. Have been using Konad for about 5 months and I love it….but was getting bored and needed something different and exciting….this was it. Did this design last night (different colors and different plate)…..and it’s one of my absolute favorites!!

    Thanks for being out there showing this stuff…..I need some new ideas.