April 17, 2014
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  • http://www.principessaga­briella.blogspot.com/ Gabriella

    So cute and fun for halloween! :)

    Check out my blog: Principessa Gabriella

    • http://Noneee Amee

      Look, not to be rude or anything but stop advertising your blog all over leesha’s.
      I know you want to be “big” like all the other gurus but to be quite honest, the only way to become big is if people truly like your blog/your work- not by posting your website on popular gurus.
      I’m sorry but every time I come to this site and view the comments, yours is always there. And it’s not like you’re even really commenting- it’s like you’re just saying a short careless comment and then trying to direct traffic to yours.
      Maybe try looking for other beauty blogs or forums to comment, but DO NOT put your blog as a signature. Hope this helped! :)

    • Naomi

      No offense but I checked out your blog and completely understand why you would consistently try to push your blog here. Maybe it would be better to take notes before you try to redirect ppl to your blog. The receipts on your site do not look to bad but your fashion is horrid. Just a tip.

  • http://zombieclaws.blogspot.com Jea

    These are/ have been super cute. I tried them myself, as well as made a few various other faces after being inspired by her video. So much fun, gotta luv halloween!

  • http://j-rabbits-corner.blogspot.com Jessica Rabbit

    I looooove Frankenstien!!!! Thanks for posting this vid!!!

  • http://www.mandyemais.blogspot.com Mandy

    Soooo beautifull, I need to try too!

  • http://www.blueskysunburn.com Jennifer Williams

    These are too freaking adorable! I’m not doing a Halloween costume this year but I may do this to get into the spirit.

  • http://www.cerinamarie.blogspot.com Cerina

    So cute! I want to try :)

  • Caitlin

    Okay this is super cute and I so wanna try it but i have a feeling i could only do it for one hand and then i’d be incapable of doing the other one ><

  • http://brennkathryn.blogspot.com Brenn

    So cute! I really wish nail polish would stay on my fingers right now! Maybe I’ll try it on my toes!

  • Jessica

    I did this look, it’s actually SUPER EASY.

  • Anna Banana

    That’s cute! :)

  • http://klariza.wordpress.com/ Klariza

    i saw this video a while back and loved it i just did one on my ring finger =)

  • http://laladancer07.blogspot.com/ Laurie

    so cute I am gonna do that next year

  • http://darkwolfsparks Wolfsparks

    sooooo cute!!!!gotta luv frankie!!!!!

  • Tori

    Oh my g! i just did these nails last night and today at skewl everyone was like that’s so awesome!!! i’m going to go to u instead of going to the salon
    i would hav never thought of doing this if i hadn’t found ur blog! thank you so much!