Nails of the Day: Easter Nails

I’ve been neglecting my nails too much lately. Ever since I broke them I haven’t really been applying polish or anything, which is really kind of stupid considering I want them to grow again, and not wearing any polish or strengthener is just going to make them worse off!

I decided on Easter to wear cute sparkly nails, and to make it even more special I busted out my Konad stamps and put some cute bunnies and baby chicks on my nails :) I don’t use Konad enough, it’s so fun!!

I have on Nubar Prize as my main polish, and Konad stamp s10 with Konad White polish for the stamps.

You can buy Nubar Here and Konad products Here. :)




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  1. Veronique says:

    Hi Leesha,
    ohh i love your nail colour and the stamps on your nails are sooooooo cute. don’t worry about your nails they will grow quickly, your lucky mine peel. layers of my nails peel at the top so don’t worry u have lovely nails and lovely polish.
    oxoxo keep vlogging

  2. kristine says:

    try Nail Magic nail hardener from Sally’s. the BEST thing i’ve ever done for my nails. they don’t peel or break anymore and they actually got a lot thicker! i just put it on before my base every new manicure =)

  3. Dr.shereen says:

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