Nails of the day: Cloudy Sky

I lovee love the way Konad stamps make nails go from cute to ‘omg awesome how did you do that?!?’. The problem is that I’m lazy and they can take a little time and energy, especially if you mess up!
I was bored the other day and since I had just put on OPI’s What’s with the Cattitude? polish, which looks just like a bright blue sky to me, I thought it’d be super cute with some clouds across them.



I used OPI’s What’s With the Cattitude? and topped it with OPI Breathe Life so it had a more shimmery look, then used Konad stamp m79 with the Konad white special polish to create the clouds :)


  1. K says

    Like it ! :]

  2. Lola says

    How many coats of WWTC did you apply? I read on another nail blog that it needed 5!

    1. xsparkage says

      i did 3 at most, i dont think its as troublesome as some blogs are saying!

  3. Sarah says

    OMG I love these! Thanks for the idea :)

  4. Savannah says

    Sarah, I have it on my toes right now and on some toes it looked fine in 2 coats but it was a little patchy on others so I ended up using 3.

  5. Cynthia says

    Oh my goodness your nails are so cute, I really have to get myself the KONAD stamps, I’m always changing my nail color and at times I just get bored , thanks for the ideas :)

  6. Emma says

    I love these! It makes me wish I actually had pretty nails =P

  7. SayAnythingBrooke says

    yessss this is the manicure we were talking about at my house. I want to do dark blue with chrome silver clouds mMmMM

  8. SAM says

    yay! happy little clouds! lol they made me think of Bob Ross/The joy of painting ^_^ very cute nails! =D

  9. Jess says


  10. Glynis says

    Oooh the cloudies are so cute! how did you make them? With a stamp?

  11. Charisse says

    LEESHA!! I have been watching your videos for a while now and you always share great products and tips, so I wanted to share one with you. I found a nail color that you will probably adore! I’m sure your followers suggest things to you all the time but if you try just one thing make it this. China Glaze in “Flying Dragon”. It is simply addicting! It drys a pretty purple matte. But if you put a clear coat on top then its a whole different color, its a bright purple with a bluish glitter shine. It looks really neat with black konad prints too. =)

  12. darian says

    OMG ur nails r soooooooooooo cute i luv da little cloudz but how long did it take 4 u 2 do all 10 nails???

  13. i_rox_my_sox says

    i LUV this look it is so cute… but you actually don’t have to buy a stamper they make skinny nail art brushes… i have some that i got at walmart… they are from the brand KISS it came with three colors black, white, and silver glitter… they are gorgeous and only $6.00 plus they work fantasticly i luv them so much btw they also come with litte reusable sticker stencils it was a pretty good deal and plz look for them at walmart and do a first impression on them. i would definately reccomend them if you can find a stamper like me btw i absolutely luv ur hair ur beautiful and don’t let anybody tell u ur not… have a wonderful day and stay u cuz there isn’t anybody better :)
    with love ur fan mady <3

  14. Alanna says

    I did this look but with a dotting tool and I used What’s With the Cattitude? but with the Northern Lights Hologram top coat in silver. It was pretty hard to paint my dominant hand but it worked out to my liking.

  15. Jenn says

    omg! i did this almost exact same thing a long time ago!
    i had on opi what’s with the cattitude as well, and painted 3 white clouds on every nail – on one cloud on each nail i painted a silver lining (:

  16. Jennyfer says

    hiiiii ashley! ciomng from an expert, your comment is such a compliment! i took it off after 6 days, and it still looked perfect. i am so happy that it lasted so long, as it did take a bit of time to put on. i removed it because i was ready for the next mani, as always, haha. i hope you’ll try this, and if you do, please comment with a pic :) we add a new manicure every monday in our manicure monday series, so i hope you’ll keep checking back :) take care!

  17. Jhoni says

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