Nails of the day: China Glaze Shocking Pink & In the Lime Light

These polishes are super fun and bright- just how I like it! I love lime and pink paired together, its so fun :) I decided to pair this with a fun star stamp from Konad, as I just got some new plates (and haven’t used Konad in FOREVER) I’m a little rusty with it!




The formula for Shocking Pink is a bit tricky- it doesn’t like to apply evenly. You have to let each coat dry pretty well before applying another coat, and it takes about three total for it to be opaque and streak free. In the Lime Light is pretty sheer, so it takes three coats to be mostly opaque, but I can still see the white of my nails if i look closely.

The Konad plate used is m82 and can be purchased from WowSoCool.

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  • Maryam

    Suppper duper pretty love! <3

  • Shannon Leta

    I love it!!

  • Sara

    Fabulous! Have you ever done a tutorial on nail stamping, or Konad products in general? I would love to learn how to do that, and am looking for an excuse to make my nails pretty so I quit biting them.><

  • Kaitlyn

    i love this! the stars add so much :) very pretty!

  • Darcy

    I have shocking pink too and I find that if you put it over a white nail polish it saves you a coat because its opaque and streak free in one coat. And that way you waste less pink! :)

    • Leesha

      ooh this is a great idea!

  • nikki

    i have had such a hard time getting the konad to work right, i don’t know why

    • Leesha

      what was your main problem with it?

    • Courtney

      Me too. It seems that my issue isnt pressing hard enough though. Try that or try going across your nail in a different direction.

  • Brittany

    These are precious! I’m excited for spring/summer and bright neons and pastels!

  • Sarah

    Those are the only two China Glaze nail polishes I have and I wear them exactly like that (minus the konad stamps) all the time. I chuckled a little bit when I saw you put them together the same way, as well. I do find I always have a hard time with the Shocking Pink, everytime I apply it, it seems chunky. I love the colors, I am just not happy with the consistency of them. I love the stamps you used with the colors, too. It definitely inspires me to go get some konad stuff to try it.

  • D.

    Love neon polishes. I always have an issue with streaks around the cuticle though even when the rest of my nail is opaque, it’s odd.

  • Dez

    Nice look! For some reason, when I try to use the Konad plates, it never transfers properly onto my nail, no matter how hard I press. Did you have problems with it when you first used it?

    • Leesha

      it helps if you use a nail file on the stamper thing to kinda roughen it up, makes it transfer easier. also you have to be really quick because it dries almost instantly

      • Dez

        Thank you so much for suggesting the nail file, it really makes a difference!

  • Shahzad Jahangeir
  • melissa

    I love seeing your nail art! I am horrific at Konad, no matter how much I try!!! My favorite that you have done was the fishnet, with mac peppermint patty and skull sticker from awhile back! I did pick up the sally hanson nail art strips and they are pretty amazing, they are strips of polish and with a topcoat, look just like they are painted on, and they do not come off, or peel off, unlike the nail stickers… they adhere pretty well and sort of seal on with some seche vite or other high gloss top coat! I dont know if you’ve seen them yet, but they have a few cute styles, including some butterflies that look like the Mac Liberty of London packaging!!! Just thought I’d share because they look like your style, and usually with the Ulta coups floating around they can be fairly cheap!!! New site looks great by the way!!! xoxo

  • Sarah Joy

    I have a China Glaze nail polish that does the same as the pink. It never wants to go on evenly. I believe it’s Flying Dragon. I love the colour combo though of the pink and green for sure!

    • Courtney

      Use a white coat underneath and it should help it be relitivly streakfree.

  • Kirsten

    What konad plate number is that?

    • ava


  • Eye Liner MAC Liberty of London


  • franeelia

    what image plate number is that?

  • Courtney


    • Courtney

      Opps. Wrong post, just ignore that.