Nails: Me+Blue (Justin Bieber Collection)

Me + Blue
Me + Blue
Me + Blue

This is probably my favorite from the colors I got in the Justin Bieber Collection. Me+Blue is Metallic true blue with silver glitter in it that have a rainbow effect when they hit the light, it’s really pretty! This is opaque with two coats.

The main thing I’m not liking about these polishes (I’m assuming it’s Nicole by OPI polishes in general, I don’t have many) is the brush. It’s supposed to be the “perfect application brush” or something, but all I find it does is get way more polish on the brush than is needed because it’s flat and wide.

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  1. Julia Mathias says

    This colour is pretty! And i haven’t tried this polishes but I usually like the flatter brushes. I think it’s a matter of taste, really.

  2. Mandy says

    If you could, please show us the brush! Byebye!!!

  3. Jocelyn says

    I bought this yesterday. Its so pretty, I’m in love with it haha. Def not a fan of the brush though.

  4. Lindsey says

    Pretty color, but I love the OPI brushes. To me they get the perfect amount compared to the round brushes in other polishes.

  5. Stefania says

    How do you get the paint on your nails to be perfect….Mine gets all on the sides and then I have to clean it and sometimes it just will NOT come off :(

  6. CaitlynnSephira says

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  7. Faith says

    I have one Nicole polish, and I find the formula to be really thick and gloppy. They aren’t my favorite polishes, but this color is tempting…

  8. Kaitlyn says

    this is really pretty! but i can’t stand nicole by opi polish. i would much rather pay more (or wait for a shipment from a discount site) for the real opi.

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