Nail Polish Collection

Just thought I’d post pictures of the majority of my nail polish collection :) I had to revamp a little the other day, because I normally use one of my nail polish racks to hold my pigments and loose shadows, but my polish collection was getting out of hand, so I had to relocate the pigments to a drawer :/ I’ll have to figure out a better way to store them!

Anyways, here is a few pictures. I try and keep them arranged by color and brand. If you’re curious about a color, let me know and I’ll tell you what it is in the comments.

China Glaze collection- Most I have from one brand!

OPI Collection

Nubar Collection

Top Row: Illamasqua and 3 American Apparel Colors
Middle Row: Sephora by OPI, Essie
Bottom Row: OCC, Zoya, Sally Hanson

Top Row: More zoya
Middle Row: Color Club, a runaway sephora by OPI, Barry M
Bottom Row: Milani, ORLY

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  1. Alex says:

    Leesha you said you paint your nails to avoid picking at them…how well does that method work for you? I discovered our shared condition has a name and is a type of OCD…it’s called dermatillomania. I’ve done it since I was very small…I’ve never had fingernails to speak of. Just 1 summer, 2005, I grew out my fingernails but I got stressed about something and subconsciously picked them all off one day.
    How well do you find you’re able to resist picking when you have your nails painted? I would love to discuss this in-depth with you if possible bc you are the first person I’ve met who suffers from the same condition. I really want to stop…I’ve never had a manicure before in my life, I’m 27, bc I have no nails or I have very short ragged nails that I’m ashamed to show anyone. I did have some semblance of nails when I got my free zoya and was hoping to get my first ever mani with my new polishes but even now I’m trying to regrow those nails bc I got stressed and picked them off…ugh…
    Please get in touch w/ me about this bc I think you are the only person I’ve met who understands…or write a blog post so I identify others struggling w/ dermatillomania. thanks Leesha.

    • Elena says:

      I have the same problem too! Painting my nails does help, but when I get super stressed/upset I still do end up picking at my nails again.

      Someone once suggested that getting gel/acrylic tips would help. It’s like impossible to pick those!

      • alicia says:

        Getting acrylics is worse, actually. I end up sticking random pointy things under them to “clean them out” but really i just end up loosening them until they fall off. It’s impossible to resist doing this because with acrylics it always feels like something is under your nails. What works best for me is painting them french tip style. Any picking at all destroys the white part, so I catch myself doing it and force myself to stop.

        • stef says:

          i pick at my nails constantly to.. i recently got acrylic nails, but with bio gel on top. they acrylics cant come off, u have to let them grow out. worked wonders for me and now i have pretty nails :)

    • Kim says:

      Just a thought on the matter:
      I’ve been a nail biter my entire life, and I find painting my nails helps a lot. I like them to be long and pretty (they have been for about a year now! Yayyyy!), and if i get stressed out and I have polish on, I find I just gnaw the polish off instead of chewing my actual nails off. Not the healthiest option, and it’s not that great for your nails either, but at least they still look good and I can keep them long.

      Don’t try acrylics, as Alicia said, you’ll just end up picking them off. I had them for awhile, and always ended up biting them off because they annoyed me, and in the long run, the acrylic destroys your nails (Paper thin bendy nails anyone? Hot)

  2. BeccaLynne says:

    Wow! I love your collection! It makes me happy that you have so many different colors (not just basic red/pink/coral etc)!

    Could you recommend a good light minty green color?

  3. Georgina says:

    Hey Leesha! I’d kill for you collection(: Nail Polishes are my weakness – surprisingly even more than makeup.

    What’s that Essie color 2nd from the right? The minty green. Thanks!

  4. Alisa says:

    Great collection i wish i could borrow some from you…although why does it seem like you have multiple bottles of the same colour? how often do you wear your polishes? all the time i suppose?

  5. Fien says:

    love your collection! Mine is nothing against that! ^^

    Wanted to ask you what you think of the nailpolishes from Rimmel London. Do you know that brand?

  6. Therese says:

    I love your collection :) mine just keeps growing I donät know what happened haha but i have nowhere to put up a polish rack :/ so for now i store them in my “most used makeup” / nail polish drawer ^^

  7. Mary says:

    I have a TON of OPI’s… at least 100, now… i don’t have the last one in the first row and i LOVE it. A little help here, Leesha ;]

  8. Marcela says:

    Hi Leesha, i’m really curious to know where you keep your nailpolish collection? I don’t have enough wall space anywhere in my house for all that! LOL

  9. Elisa says:

    Hi Leesha! love all of them.
    From the OPI Collection, first rack, I’d like to know the names of the seconds. I mean, second from right to left, and second from left to right. That would be a pink colour and an orange one.
    Is it too orangy, or is it like a coral-sort-of colour?

  10. Sophie says:

    Hi Leesha =) you have an AMAZING collection! I don’t tend to paint my fingernails, but my toe-nails are ALWAYS painted!

    Could you tell me what the China Glaze colour is in the 4th row, 5th from the left?

  11. Dani says:

    I really love Nubar polishes and I was wondering if they a nice yellow. Something thats not too streaky or sheer. I know you really love Illamasqua Wayward but it’s kind of pricey for me. Thanks!

  12. Dawn says:

    What would you suggest for a true turquoise nail polish (creme finish)? I was looking at swatches of Essie Turquoise & Caicos, Color Club Age of Aquarius and CG Four Leaf Clover. The swatches always differ because of the lighting, so it’s hard to tell what it’s going to look like IRL. I want something that isn’t going to show up too green based. Any suggestions? :)

  13. elaine says:

    ahh ! i envy your polish collection ! i’d probably doa different nail design everyday with all those colors. i do my nails once a week since my collection is kind of small

  14. Candy says:

    Hey great collection! I was just wondering where did you get those plastic things (I don’t know how it’s called, holders?) where you store polishes on pics … maybe u could help me out with some website, ’cause I can’t find them anywhere :(

  15. Diane says:

    Where did you get the rack to hold all of your nail polish!? i love it and could really use one in my bathroom!! if you could let me know that would be AMAZING!! :) btw i LOVE your website!

  16. Marie says:

    Oh wow that’s a lot of nail polish :D

    I’ve been curious about this for a while now, ever since I watched your makeup collection videos, so please don’t think I mean it in a judgmental way!!

    BUT, do you use all your makeup for yourself? You have sooooo much makeup in what seems like every different brand and colour and formula imaginable, and you buy more to do reviews for us and for new looks and because there are sales and to try stuff out… What do you do with it all?

  17. Carmela says:

    Where did you get your nail polish racks/can you recommend some place to get one? I can’t seem to find some WALL mounted racks. They are all for desks and stuff. It doesn’t seem like it should be something hard to find, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. :x

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