Nail Polish Collection

Just thought I’d post pictures of the majority of my nail polish collection :) I had to revamp a little the other day, because I normally use one of my nail polish racks to hold my pigments and loose shadows, but my polish collection was getting out of hand, so I had to relocate the pigments to a drawer :/ I’ll have to figure out a better way to store them!

Anyways, here is a few pictures. I try and keep them arranged by color and brand. If you’re curious about a color, let me know and I’ll tell you what it is in the comments.

China Glaze collection- Most I have from one brand!

OPI Collection

Nubar Collection

Top Row: Illamasqua and 3 American Apparel Colors
Middle Row: Sephora by OPI, Essie
Bottom Row: OCC, Zoya, Sally Hanson

Top Row: More zoya
Middle Row: Color Club, a runaway sephora by OPI, Barry M
Bottom Row: Milani, ORLY

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  • Jaika

    HEY! just wondering where u bought those nail polish racks?

    • KrazyLuckyStar

      I believe she brought them from The Container Store

    • NessLikeWhoa

      I was just wondering the same thing, and if you look at her blog on her entire collection, she says

    • Katie

      I am so freakin jelly of all of these polishes.
      I thought I had a lot.

  • andi

    absolutely wonderful collection! enviousss :)
    and I was curious, in the china glaze picture, what polishes are the 1st and 11th on the 3rd row? thanks! ^_^

    • Brotno

      The first is For Audrey! I’m not sure what the 11th is, it looks like another For Audrey….

  • TiaraxStar

    There’s a runaway Inglot nailpolish in the third picture, top row. :)

  • ClaireBear

    Can you please do a full review on the ORLY nailpolishes!?
    I love them and i have not heard you mention them and I would love to know your thoughts!

  • KrazyLuckyStar

    you have more nailpolish than a nail salon!

  • HUAY

    *_** wowowow that’s amazingg =O

  • Brieanna

    I wish I had a nail polish collection like that. o.o

  • Sofie

    Hi :)
    - where to buy how some holders for nail polish?
    Thank you.

  • Iwona

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