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My Hair Experience with Sassoon Salon

For the past six months, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Sassoon Salon in keeping my hair looking fresh and awesome, and it’s been a great experience! Before this, I had never been to a Sassoon Salon before. I had heard of it, of course (Vidal Sassoon was what they were previously known as) but as the only salon in Arizona was about a 45 minute drive from me, I had never ventured out that way to get my hair done.

My Experience With Sassoon Salon

My Experience With Sassoon Salon

My first appointment was about 5 days before my wedding- something I know put my stylists on edge! They had never met with me before and didn’t know my current hair situation, so they were understandably cautious in doing my hair so that it looked good for my wedding. I was definitely not disappointed- Tara (my colorist) did a fantastic job of evening out my blonde and toning it to a beautiful shade, and Ben (who cut my hair) did a great job evening everything out, taking off any damaged ends while still keeping length. My hair looked perfect for my wedding and it was all thanks to them!

My Experience With Sassoon SalonMy Experience With Sassoon Salon

When I decided to change up my hair from bright red to blonde, my end goal was always to go platinum. I wanted Daenerys Targaryen hair, Elsa hair… you know what I’m talking about :) Getting to that stage is not an overnight process, unless you want to cut off half of your hair due to damage! My hair has been platinum before, but Sassoon had a process that was different that what I have experienced in the past. First, Tara made sure to use Olaplaex on my hair- which is a really unique process that is fantastic when bleaching, as it really works to keep hair looking as healthy as possible. I also noticed the way that they tone hair is different- Usually when I would get my hair toned to take out any brassiness, it was a quick, 5 minute process at the shampoo bowl. Tara would apply it to my hair at her chair and leave it in for 20 minutes, which was a lot longer than I have ever had my hair toned, but it would always come out looking absolutely perfect.

Ben was great because he knew I was trying to grow my hair out (I have always wanted to be able to do the ‘fun bun’ at the top of my head, haha!) and would even out and cut just what he needed to.

My Experience With Sassoon Salon

Overall I had a very positive experience with Sassoon Salon, and have been so excited to share that experience with you! I would definitely recommend booking an appointment if you are looking for incredibly talented people to get your hair looking perfect.

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