My Favorite Curly Hair Products


I’ve been wearing my hair curly lately because I have been going to the gym 3-4 times a week, and having to redo my hair so much is a hassle and it’s much easier to just leave it curly. Here are my must-have products :)

  • UNITE Seven Second Conditioner: BEST Leave-in conditioner I have EVER used.

  • Ouidad Botanitcal Boost (LOVE!)
  • Living Proof Wave Shaping, Curl Defining Styling Cream & Treatment Cream
  • UNITE Shinaliquid Serum (again, love love love)
  • Redkin Fresh Curls Spring Mousse
  • Ouidad Styling Mist


What are your favorite curly hair products?



  1. Aisha says

    Can you list the prices as well? :)

    1. Wren says

      The prices are pretty easy to fine online. All the prices vary depending on where you buy them but this is what I found:
      UNITE Seven Second Conditioner ~$22
      Ouidad Botanitcal Boost ~$16
      Living Proof Wave Shaping, Curl Defining Styling Cream & Treatment Cream ~$15
      Didn’t find the UNITE serum
      Redken Fresh Curls Spring Mousse ~$13-15
      Ouidad Styling Mist 8.5oz ~$15

  2. Jenny$1983 says

    Wow, I think I have the exact same hair, down to the lovely cute ringlets at the bottom and back of my head :D I work out hard every day so I’m just wearing it scraped back into a pony tail the whole time, it’s making me consider getting the Emma Watson ‘do, I had it when I was sixteen and it was awesome! So easy to look after (ie – zero maintenance) and it’s the only time since puberty my hair hasn’t been as frizzy as all hell :P

  3. Brynne says

    I love my Biosilk Silk Therapy/Ion Silk Drops, and my Proclaim Argan Oil Hair Oil Treatment.

    My hair is a similar texture to yours, I think, but a looser wave-y curl. Except for the bottom layer in the back. Crazy tight ringlets back there too. Mine is way longer as well.

    I generally get lazy about styling my hair, and half the time I’m showering in the evening anyways, so I just put in my silk drops, a tiny tiny bit of the argan oil at the ends (I think it’s meant for much coarser hair, but mine tends to be really dry and sad at the ends, so I use it anyways) and let it air dry as fluffy as it likes, and then I usually french braid it the next morning, cause it’s totally out of control. Lol.

  4. Marion says

    Has anybody ever told you you look like Peggy Bundy? Especially when your hair was red. I think you look like her a lot in the face. That’s a compliment because I think Peggy is really pretty. :)

  5. Stephanie says

    I was just wondering what kind of shampoo and conditioner you use, or do you still use that cleansing conditioner stuff you used when your hair was red? Thanks :) I so wish all my hair was like the perfect ringlets I have in the back underneath too, that would be awesome.

    1. Leesha says

      ive been using the fortune cookie soap bar shampoo and then just random conditioners haha

      1. Stephanie says

        I might have to check that out, although the concept of using a bar for shampoo goes against my instincts, lol you just wouldn’t think it’d be good for your hair haha

  6. Sarah says

    Hahaha! I know what you mean about your hair falling out when it’s curly! All of the sudden when you take your shower a TON of the trapped shed hairs fall out :) Always scary. GOSH makes styling stuff, and they have a mousse in a black bottle with a pink label (really strong hold, use sparingly) and it defines wonderfully.

  7. Esther says

    Hi Leesha!

    My hair is a similar texture to yours, very thick and rather curly and big. I LOVE Suave Professionals Weather Protection 365 Anti-Frizz and Flyaway Cream-Gel. I do towel dry for a bit before scrunching this in, and it really helps shape and hold the curls and get rid of frizz. I also use Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum to get rid of any excess frizz when my hair is almost dry.

  8. Rae says

    I love Beyond the Zone’s curly hair line, called Noodle Head, good for really curly hair like mine that won’t tame. I’ve also been using FX Curls Up for years, and I love it. I also love using Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Smoothie on my curls. Even though it’s made as a blow out lotion, I like using it as a serum. It leaves my hair moisturized and so soft. I’ll definitely have to check out some of these products, though, thanks!

  9. Lexi says

    Hey Leesha,
    ARE YOU CRAZY!!!???? Why do you go to the gym??? You dont ned to go to the gym! Anyway i was wondering if you can help me… my hair is strate on the top and curley on the bottom and i want it to be curley all over the place like urs but itll just go baq to normal… is there anything u can help me with?? ive used like EVERYTHING!!! Thnx!

    1. Kacee says

      My hair is exactly the same, its so annoying i just want it all curly! Really Leesha if you have any tips that dont include a curling iron…please! let us know! (:

      1. Lindsey says

        I had the same problem but then I started washing my hair upside down. It’ll be awkward at first but you just get used to it. So instead of the water berating the top straight, it’ll do it more-so to the bottom instead and leave the top nice and curly :)

        1. Nattasha says

          Thanks for mniakg such a killer blog. I come on here all the time and am floored with the fresh information here.

  10. :) says

    hey leesha !!!
    the ends of my bangs are frizzy and curly as hell but the top is straight its soo annoying !!!!
    can u reccomend any products to reduce the curliness ??
    thanks leesha :) :)

  11. Laura says

    It makes me feel better knowing that I’m not using too much product for my curly hair! :) I will occasionally also use a mitt diffuser so that my hair dries soft and not crunchy. But either way, I will be looking into these products! Great video as always.

  12. Sierra says

    I only used Garnier Spray Gel for curly hair, and i’d scrunch that through my hair. Or i’d use redken ringlet 07 curl perfector (i believe). both were great for my hair.
    recently though, i dont have to use anything. i fall asleep with wet hair, wave up with it curly, fluff it out with my fingers and find something to do with my bangs :] its slightly frizzy though. any suggestions for that?

  13. Tara says

    Hi Leesha!
    1st I wanna say, I love the eye makeup in this tut :)! 2nd, thanks for all your tips & info on products for curly hair! I can’t wait to try them out!! I was going to post my comment on Youtube but last time I did, on your last curly hair video, some youtube person saw my comment on how much I loved your video and saying how much it was going to help manage my curly hair (it’s pretty similar to yours) she blasted my youtube email saying that if you think Xsparkage hair is curly then you are dumb and if you think your hair is like hers than again, you are dumb. That is not curly hair. She kept rambling on and on about how your hair is not curly, just wavy and that mine must only be wavy too. LOL!! Really??!?!? Crazy woman! I never replied to her, and I kept forgetting to tell you about it.
    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you, to give you a laugh. Love your videos!!!

  14. Nicole says

    I just want to say how ADORABLE your hair is. I wish my hair was naturally curly, but alas it is more of ‘I’m going to have these random waves and be difficult so you never look nice’. lol
    But anyway, I also wanted to know how you get your teeth so white! They look amazing!

  15. AmySNYC says

    Last summer I took a trip to St. Louis, MO. I was not looking forward to the humidity there. I took a trip to Sephora and asked one of the sales girls for a suggestion on shampoo and conditioner for frizzy hair,
    Immediately she suggested Shielo Hydrate Conditioner. She assured me that this product would work! I took her advice and bought the shampoo and also the Shielo Antioxidant Leave in Protector she suggested. I have to say Shielo products worked so well I now use them everyday! My hair did not get frizzy at all and stayed styled and was super shinny! My hair is fine and has some curl to it. It takes the frizz out and gives body.

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