Ms & Mrs. Minimergency Giveaway & Review

I wanted to review one of my favorite travel items- the Minimergency Kit from Ms. & Mrs. It’s the cutest thing- it’s a small little kit that has essential items you might need, but not have on hand, in a stressful situation. I always make sure to have a full kit when I travel, because they really do come in handy. After the cut is a video review, some product photos, and a chance to win your own kit!





Above- Good Luck Minimergency kit. This kit includes a nail polish remover pad, stain remover, deodorant towelette, breath mints, double sided tape, bandaid, a tampon, hairspray, clear nail polish, a sewing kit, earring backs, a nail file, lip balm, floss, and advil. ($15)


The Shemergency kit is essentially a bulked-up version of the minimergancy kit- contains two each of shoe shine towelette, deodorant towelette, nail polish remover, stun remover, lotion, as well as hairspray, clear nail polish, static remover, double sided tape, lip balm, floss, blotting tissues, facial tissues, a tampon, bandaid, nail file, and a lint remover and brush with a mirror. ($25)


The Minimergency Kit for Him includes advil, stain remover, shoe shine, deodorant towelette, hand sanitizer, nail clippers, breath mints, lip balm, bandaid, and floss. ($12)


Want to win your own? Fill out the form below this text (not the comments, that will not be counted as an entry) with your name and a valid email you check regularly, and you will be entered to win a minimergency kit.  Winners will be emailed on December 6th, and will have 48 hours to respond with a shipping address and minimergency color choice before a new winner is chosen. Good luck!




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  • Lavon Silveira

    I just bought it on Black Friday @ Sephora, I didn’t know this existed ;) I hope I win another one for my BFF!!!

  • Celina R.

    Minimergency Kit Giveaway–Yikes,, 441 entries so far! Well I hope I win, I usually keep some of those items in my car, but they are much larger lol. The mini versions seem much better to have. =)

  • ioanarm

    I would love to have this kit, unfortunately I can’t buy it from my country

  • Anja

    Wow finely i see a giveaway in time! :-D i wold love to have one of this in my purse, it is so smal that it definely fits! :-D

  • Marta

    These mini emergency kits are so good to give to someone on Christmas, I’m sure everyone will like to receive one x

  • Momo

    is the giveaway open international?

  • Kajal Desor


  • insya

    the packging is cute and the stuff in it will definately come handy during my travel to asia.would love to win one of these.

  • MeikoMakeUp

    as always, i really appreciate your reviews Leesha ! They’re always really straight to the point and give all the info needed ! I’d love to try one of these kits (: <3

  • ali ortiz

    i think that it is so handy and very cute . i want to win soooo much because it will be very nice and also because i dont have very much money to get all of this stuff .

  • ali ortiz

    i love all of your videos and your awsome leesha!!!!!! <3

  • vanessa

    i wuld love to win this! it seems very cute and handy i love the pink color

  • iLoveYou

    I would LOVE to win this, because you don’t get this in my country, it looks so handy, its so small and has great quality stuff inside! Fingers crossed <3

  • Arlexus

    I Love Your Videos!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • Stephanie

    I want to win this because in my country since it’s very small, we don’t get many branded products.. only drugstore products :/

  • Kim

    This is such a brilliant idea. I hope I win!!

  • Antoinette Brooks

    These mini emergency kits would be awesome to keep in your purse, in car, at work, practically anywhere..What a great idea.

  • Theresa K.

    So cute!

  • Stefania

    Perfect for those long days out, especially on vaca!

  • Christina

    I really want the little one for my mom.. her birthday is coming up and i would love for her to have one.. i dont have much money.

  • Marcella

    This would be so handy for in my locker. My nails always break when I’m at school :(

  • Athena_XzRavenzX

    I hope I win one in purple! Goodluck everyone!

  • nikki

    awesome thing to have,love that it can fit in almost any bag! thanks leesha!

  • Melissa

    These are awesome!! I hope I win one!! :)

  • Daniella G

    oh my bejesus this is such an amazing giveaway! i would love to win one!

  • Samantha

    I really need this im all ways forgetting something so that would be great to put in my purse kuz that is one thing that i never for get! and i dont have much but i would like to have please :)

  • Melissa

    Maybe I’ve just overlooked something but I have a some questions about the contest:

    Does it include the Shemergency kit or just the ones like the Good Luck Minimergency kit?
    Do we pick from all the colors on the site or just the ones you’ve shown here?

  • Stephanie


  • Lauren:)

    you could make this so easy! i did that with my makeup bag. I have a travel sized deodearant, tide stain stick,a floss thingy toothpick?, a tampon, some concealer and eyeshadow and a mirror, makeup remover q-tips, hair ties.. im forgetting things, but these are helpful things

  • sabina

    i want to give this to my mother!

  • kathrina

    I actually made something like this when i was in middle school! i even made them for my friends as gifts. mine had similar things too! so funny right? Mine did have an eyeliner in there too! but these are way cuter!! i entered and hope to win!

  • ali ortiz

    periwinkile lol i think thats how u spell it i love that color. it is a light blue mixed with a light purple

  • Esperanza Perez

    love your makeup tutorials just like everyone else! if i could sit at home all day and watch them i would, too bad i have 2 kids and 3 jobs :) thanx for all the wonderful tips!

  • Yeise

    I want this so bad, i love mini things lol

  • Amanda

    I fell in love with that kittt!! i neeeddddd one!! im always forgetting everything . DUH it’s apart of being a girl haha! i would totally love to win me one!!

  • Amanda

    By the way i watch probably all your videos! your awesome!

  • jeunne

    i want this for Christmas….it’s really handy to have

    • yanna


  • Belladawnna

    Anyone else think a condom should of been included in the male’s kit?? Also instead of a tampon include a small pad. Not everyone wants to get tss!

  • Denisa

    This kit is awsome. It would fit perfect in my bag .

  • maha1406

    wow really great product….and it comes with alot stuff that we can use anywhere/ any time ..this kit is better then if we go back home or department store with three kids in emergancy ..i really loved item

  • Émie

    These mini emergency kits would be awesome to keep my your purse :O
    (P.S. i have post a comment on your video on youtube and i speak french so i don’t know what to do for participe to your giveaway! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • Iwn

    Love it wish we had it on Greece :)

  • Suzie ogletree

    These are so cool I would love one of these great gifts. That’s for the giveaway good luck everyone

  • Lacy loyd

    These are the best . I am am going to keep these in mind for gifts. Thanks soooooo much

  • wittl3gurl

    OOps I spelt my name my name wrong when I entered to contest lol

    It’s —> WITTL3GURL ^_^ lol

  • yanna

    they are so cool

    i wish they had them down in Australia :(

  • Amanda

    I would love one of these. This kit is awesome.

  • Gena

    I’d like to win because I always have “OOPS!” moments.

  • Aramita Gonzalez

    i love this!!! your awesome!!

  • Shellie

    Awhh that’s cute I’d never seen these before :) I’d like one