Ms & Mrs. Minimergency Giveaway & Review

I wanted to review one of my favorite travel items- the Minimergency Kit from Ms. & Mrs. It’s the cutest thing- it’s a small little kit that has essential items you might need, but not have on hand, in a stressful situation. I always make sure to have a full kit when I travel, because they really do come in handy. After the cut is a video review, some product photos, and a chance to win your own kit!





Above- Good Luck Minimergency kit. This kit includes a nail polish remover pad, stain remover, deodorant towelette, breath mints, double sided tape, bandaid, a tampon, hairspray, clear nail polish, a sewing kit, earring backs, a nail file, lip balm, floss, and advil. ($15)


The Shemergency kit is essentially a bulked-up version of the minimergancy kit- contains two each of shoe shine towelette, deodorant towelette, nail polish remover, stun remover, lotion, as well as hairspray, clear nail polish, static remover, double sided tape, lip balm, floss, blotting tissues, facial tissues, a tampon, bandaid, nail file, and a lint remover and brush with a mirror. ($25)


The Minimergency Kit for Him includes advil, stain remover, shoe shine, deodorant towelette, hand sanitizer, nail clippers, breath mints, lip balm, bandaid, and floss. ($12)


Want to win your own? Fill out the form below this text (not the comments, that will not be counted as an entry) with your name and a valid email you check regularly, and you will be entered to win a minimergency kit.  Winners will be emailed on December 6th, and will have 48 hours to respond with a shipping address and minimergency color choice before a new winner is chosen. Good luck!




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  • Sweetbsting

    Ooh, cool giveaway :) I hate being unprepared in an emergency lol

  • Ponta

    Why would it not include a bobby pin?!

    • onebbap

      thats exactly what i was saying!!!! those come in handy alot! and how come the men have hand sanitizing whipes but not the women!? and the fact that we only get a nail clipper if we buy the shemergency kit is so strange

    • Jennifer

      Because you can easily slip a single bobby pin into it yourself?

  • Lindsey

    They are super cute! I love how once every product in the kit is used; you can just reuse the bag as a makeup bag! Super Cute and Affordable!

  • Jemma

    This would come in so handy! since i do alot of travaling but i dont really have that much money to spare so it would be super awsome if i got to win :D

  • Nina Patricia

    way cool! I can certainly use one of these!

  • Kathleen Kelly

    This is such a nifty idea! Thanks so much for the giveaway :) I would love to win one <3

  • Elizabeth V

    I would love to be entered for the Emergerncy Kit Giveaway (fingers crossed) p.s. I have no website I hope that is not a problem and omgosh!!! they are the perfect idea for travel plus I have a 1 year old. xoxo Elizabeth

  • Mariah Looney

    These are amazing! <3

  • karla Leslie

    This is such a cute giveaway thanks for having one :)

  • Selena

    I love the minimergency kits they are so nice,helpful and come in pretty colors! When you are finished with its usage you can use the bag as a makeup bag or you can even get refills! I don’t think there is one thing that they missed! I am definitely gonna buy some!

  • tamiko

    the cutest things ever love minis in everything

  • silleaves

    Awwww. I adore the Minimergency Kit for Him with the moustache on the tin! So cute!

  • Hotashi

    This would be great for travelling with but I could see this being really handy at work. It takes up such little space and there are so many items that would be useful in crisis situations.

  • Denyelle Gervilier

    Oh cool! I would love something like that as busy as i am lol =D there is never enough time to to run to the store for stuff like this lol

  • Denyelle Gervilier

    And u can add some things of our own as well, so verstile!

  • garri

    omg thts suchhhhhhh agr8 idea!!!!!!!!!!

  •!/allineedisyouxo Mariel

    this mini emergency kit is soo cute & useful :)

  • Patti

    that is an adorable idea. And you right it cost more to make one of the little kits on your own. I used to do it. and I hated having to look every where to find mini things

  • Tiana

    These look really useful ^__^

  • emily moran

    LOVE THIS KIT!! I entered with winning the boy’s kit in mind. My boyfriend is cute and has a beard and mustache so the little tin box is totally him! And he needs his own nail clippers and essentials… boyfriends with cosmetic savvy girlfriends can get a little too dependent lol!!

  • Erin Addison

    I’d love to win one!

  • Rebecca F.

    I would love to pull thisout for a friend in need and save the day with some fab products (tampon)

  • Nikki

    This is a great idea~!

  • heather

    great idea

  • Whitney Donna

    This is such a good idea! This would be an amazing thing to have when traveling or hiking. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win one :)

  • Janna Olynick

    I love these, so adorable, hope i win! :)

  • anwesha

    what a neat little thing :)

  • Andrzelika Maj

    So cute :) I want one!!! :D great giveaway and i hope to win (yn)

  • gnipuais

    Wow…that’s a cool thing i ever see so far in my life…please give it to meee…lol

  • Sabrina

    this would be sooo handy to keep in my purse!

  • Kaki

    Totally cute!

  • Gisel.a

    This is really neat. It would be amazing to take that when I’m traveling instead of my big makeup bag:)

  • krista

    this would be so awesome!i do a lot of traveling and i have a 4year old.i can’t tell you how many times this would’ve came in handy! *crosses fingers* i hope i daughter would be ecstatic.baha!

  • Vivien

    Awesome for traveling! thanks for the giveaway!

  • Karina McDowell

    Super cute! great idea! I would love to win one! thx for giveaway leesha!

  • Ashley

    this looks like an awesome little kit… would probably help me downsize on the amount of crap i carry in my purse lol… thank you for the giveaway

  • Emily Wolfe

    This is so awesome ive never seen these kits before. thanks for the giveaway

  • Amy

    What a cute gift idea

  • Andrea

    These kits are sooo cute!

  • Susane Tam

    Awesome idea!

  • Britney

    wait..i cant see the form!! where is it?

    • Megan

      I second you!

  • Victoria

    This is so cute! After I used all the stuff, i would use the bag for lip glosses :)

    Really cute idea, and all the stuff is useful.
    I wanna win xoxo

  • NicoleSal

    omgggggg this has got my name written alll over it!
    hahahah im the #1 klutz!!!!!!!
    This is a dreammmmmm!!!
    Although I think the bigger emergency wouldd be reall handy! This one is so cute and will fit anywhere!

  • Kelly Huynh


  • Tana

    I can’t find the form to fill out? where is it? lol

  • Heather Habeger

    This is awesome would love to have some thing like this, but I don’t see the entry forum.

  • Susita H.

    I don’t feel that this is the “form” to win, but im gonna try anyways…hope i win, these seem pretty cool…thanx!

  • Jannah Lopez

    I’m not sure if this is the form. I hope I am right anyway. I wanna win this. *crossing fingers*
    Thanks for the giveaway and continue to be such an inspiration to beauty.
    Much love from Philippines,

  • Beth Br00tality

    This is a really cute idea for a giveaway! How nice of the company to sponsor with so many kits!

  • Kiana

    i think these are so cute :) i hate hate hate leaving the house not having my stuff if i might not be home soooo this is so cute! mahalo