April 17, 2014
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  • Annemarie

    This is a cute gift :D

  • Rannveig

    I would love to get one of the Minimergency cit for her in purple. Hope I win! It was so cute.

  • Elizabeth T

    Love the mimimergency kits. Please consider this as entry for the contest!! thanks

  • Tristine

    The miniemergency kit would be great to have!!!!!! I really need it :)

  • Stephanie Ambrosino

    I wanna win a pink one! :)

  • Onica

    I would so need this! I’m a very clumsy person at times, and this little minimergency would come in handy! :$

  • Tersea

    Omg, these would come in handy for someone who’s constantly on the go (like myself) … i know traveling from work and school and back at home can get a little hectic and i wont lie, there has been times i could of used the vast moajority of that stuff…..

  • Tersea


  • Fallonita

    Love it…super cute idea…xoxo

  • janice

    they are so cute i will love to win one

  • Ryleigh Smith

    Oh my gosh, i would love ANY color! but blue would be good! thanks:)

  • madiha

    I wanna win a pink one!

  • H.T.

    i want the pink one :)

  • sonia

    I love to win