Mika for Shu: Sneak Peak at Shu Uemura’s Latest Collection

Oh my gosh, I am so excited to share about this collection! This is the newest collection from Shu Uemura, and is a collaboration with Shu and artist Mika Ninagawa. There are four different packaging designs, and I have the Melting Sweet Dreams collection to share with you today. This  set is all candy and sweet things.

Shuxmika 27

This part collection includes 4 eyeshadows, the Eyeshadow Spiral Duo, 2 Tint & Gelatos, special false lashes and nail stickers. There is also a Cleansing Oil called POREfinist anti-shine, which has the cute candy packaging as well.

Here is a look at the products I have from this. My favorite here is the Eye Shadow Spiral Duo.. it’s like creamy candy in eyeshadow form!!

Shuxmika 31Shuxmika 35 Eyeshadow IR 115

Shuxmika 11Eyeshadow IR 115


Shuxmika 32Eyeshadow P 611

Shuxmika 14Eyeshadow P 611


Shuxmika 33 Eyeshadow ME 155

Shuxmika 15Eyeshadow ME 155

Shuxmika 34Eyeshadow ME 785

Shuxmika 19Eyeshadow ME 785

Shuxmika 9Shadow Spiral Duo Color 01

Shuxmika 12 Eye Shadow Spiral Duo Color 01

Shuxmika 16Eye Shadow Spiral Duo Color 01

Shuxmika 17Shadow Spiral Duo Color 01

Shuxmika 10Shadow Spiral Duo Color 01

Shuxmika 28 Mini Neo Star-Gliz False Lashes

Shuxmika 29 Mini Neo Star-Gliz False Lashes

Shuxmika 30 Mini Neo Star-Gliz False Lashes

Shuxmika 20Tint & Gelato PK01

Shuxmika 24Tint & Gelato PK01

Shuxmika 25Tint & Gelato PK01


Shuxmika 21Tint & Gelato PK03

Shuxmika 23Tint & Gelato PK03

Shuxmika 26Tint & Gelato PK03



Shuxmika 13Shuxmika 22DSC 0022

What’s also cool about this collection is that I was asked to collaborate with Shu Uemura to create a look using the products for their website! Check back later today for a video tutorial on how to get this look :)


All of these will be available from Shu Uemura starting today! You can check these out through the Shu Uemura Canada and Shu Uemura USA sites. If you find something you like, feel free to use promo code MIKAXSPARK for free shipping and 15% off all SHu Uemura orders.

Every week this month Shu Uemura will release more of this collaboration collection and feature a new blogger, and you can keep up with that here!



  1. Jessica says

    Leesha! I’m curious. Was the liner you used the Shu CalligraphInk? Like you showed in your haul? I am really curious about that one! Love this look! Will definitely try giving it a go! =)

    1. xsparkage says

      yup! thats the one :)

      1. Jessica says

        What do you think of it? Is it a matte finish? I think the idea of clicking it is awesome so it never dries out. If you get a chance, maybe do a quickie review, or blog post about it please? It’s so new that no one has said much about it yet and I’m not sure it’s worth the price just yet, lol. Thanks in advance!! :D

  2. deathbyglitter says

    Congratulations!!!! I love the look you did! I wanted to buy the Mika Eyeshadow Spiro Duo in Orange/Purple soooooooooooooo bad but it says “This item is not currently available.” >.< *wince* I couldn't find the nail appliques either – those are epic. *fingers crossed for restock*

  3. Kat says

    I’m a nail applique virgin. How do you cut them to size so accurately? I feel like that would would be a huge PITA.

  4. Kavita says

    How many nail stickers come in one pack?

  5. Alana says

    I bought the BB Beige from a HK sleler before I got the rest of the collection from Shu Uemura USA website. A minimum of $70 for the Sakura pouch, and 3 items easily fulfill that minimum… Basically the compact and the lipstick are part of the limited edition too…I haven’t been making up lately coz of allergies, so I will have to wait a bit before applying make up back on to my face!

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