Michael Todd Gel Liners

Our Long Wear Gel Formula is one of a kind. It goes on smooth and won’t smudge. One use of this Award Winning formula and you’ll never go back to the conventional liquid or pencil eye liner. Create your own look whether it’s subtle or show-stopping! A Michael Todd must have!

mt2.jpgPrivate Island

mt3.jpgInstant Love

mt3-1.jpgUnder Water

mt5.jpgPalm Frawn

mt6.jpgCity Love

mt8.jpgChocolate Cherry

mt7.jpgUrban Mobility



I really like the colors here, they are really unique and fun. I especially love Private Island, Chocolate Cherry and Urban Mobility, so gorgeous! Instant Love would be so pretty on its own as an all over lid color :)

I haven’t used these other than swatching yet, but I can say that I know they will last a LONG time, as I had to work to get the swatches off my hand with my MAC Wipe.. these suckers LAST!! Once they set, they really are SET until you take them off.

Something I don’t like is that these are pretty expensive. On the Michael Todd website, these sell for $23 each, but in turn, they do have a good amount of product. For reference, MAC Fluidline sells for $15 and has 3g of product, while this gel liner has 4.5g. The container looks quite a bit smaller than the fluidline one, but I think that is a running theme with some Michael Todd products- same/more amount of product, but a smaller container (example- the lipsticks they sell look like they are EXTREMELY small, but if you twist up the product all the way, it’s really the same amount of product as almost every other brand, just less bulky. I kinda like it, but it is a bit deceiving at first glance.)

I also want to clear up that I have had some people tell me that Michael Todd is Private Label (AKA: They buy products from companies like Lady Burd and slap their label on it and sell it as their own). I asked one of the general managers from Michael Todd about this, and this was the reply:

We do not manufacture our pencils and pencil sharpeners. We also do not manufacture our multiple powder. The rest of the products we manufacture. We have formulas that no one has in the marketplace such as our creme shadows and gel liners, which do not fade or crease and are waterproof. These formulas are superior. Our Tinted Gel Primer and Instant Fill Primers, matte foundation, naked kiss lipstick and shadow base are very unique and wildly popular. In the next few weeks we are coming out with a new shadow base color in smoke.

Our packaging, as you can tell, is custom made for us in our colors.

All of the products we manufacture for our line only.

I just wanted to clear that up :)

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  1. Michelle says:

    Chocolate cherry and palm frawn are calling my name! Those colors are absolutely gorgeous, a little expensive, but I just love the colors so much that I can justify the amount.

  2. Julie says:

    I’m really loving Private Island and Instant Love. I’m thinking I may have to order these. I wonder how long they would last on the waterline though.

  3. Laina says:

    I really like the way Under Water looks in the container but it’s not what I thought it would look like swatched. But it’s still a nice color.

  4. Whitney says:

    I was wondering where you got the colors private island and instant love because I went on the site and they didn’t have those two colors and those were my fav??

  5. Rebecca says:

    leesha these colors look nice and bright! i love mac’s gel liner and use it all the time. Do you know how well these stay on and do they smudge?

  6. Melissa says:

    They’re lying about not being private label. Ive got ladyburd catalog in front of me. They just got custom packaging which lady burd does. I think ill buy some of both and make a comparison.

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