Maybelline Shine Sensation Pop Sticks in Pink Lolipop

A few weeks ago, I did a haul video with my sister, and showed some items I picked up from Ulta while I was with her. One of those Items was this lipstick from Maybelline that I decided to get simply because I thought it was kinda neat that a lipstick was translucent! After I posted the video, I got a HUUUUGE response over this lipstick- where to buy it, how I got it because it was a limited edition collection from the summer, even requests for me to go out and buy the lipstick myself and send it to people who couldn’t find it. I was really surprised! So, here are some photos and swatches of this particular “gem” to show you what you are (or rather, aren’t) missing.





As you can see, I wouldn’t really call this lipstick anything special, other than the fact that it looks like play-makeup you might find with a Barbie kit. it’s a cool concept, but the result is so sheer that no one would ever ask you what you are wearing or be intrigued unless you were putting the lipstick on right in front of them. The ad for this claims you get “popsicle shine”, but I’m pretty sure a real popsicle would give you more of a color tint than this. I have also heard that these have a similar effect as products like Smashbox O-Glow, in the sense that they are supposed to tint based on your skin, but I really didn’t notice that, but that may be because I got a pretty light shade.

I will say that these are super slick and leave your lips feeling hydrated, but I would honestly rather use something I know will actually heal my lips and provide SPF (i.e., my love- Jack Black Lip Balm) than have it just FEEL like it helps (kinda like vaseline). Overall opinion- Cool concept, but you like the look, go for a lip balm with SPF.



  1. Lindsay says

    I haven’t seen these until your video. It does look like a fun/neat concept, but why bother if the results are just blah? Were there other shades in the collection? If so, I’m wondering if all of them perform the same..

  2. Claudia says

    L’Oreal also do this kind of lipstick!

    1. Lalou2222 says

      i think it is pretty normal that L’orel does it too…L’oreal owns Gemey Maybelline….so…. ;)

      1. Emma says

        The L’oreal Studio Secrets one is a transforming lipstick, like o-gloss, its meant to adapt to your body temp and turn a unique pink. Which would probably be better than this clear one lol!

        1. Emma says

          Apologies, that what this one is meant to do to! Didn’t read that last bit on the post. Well I’ve tested the L’oreal one and that one actually works lol.

  3. Croix says

    This is interesting. c:
    Leesha, have you been thinking of getting the Maybelline Baby Lips?

    1. leesha says

      yes!! i keep seeing commercials for it and it’s super intriguing. i need to remember to check it out next time i go to the drugstore

      1. Danielle says

        I have all the Baby Lips because I got them in a sample pack I got from Maybelline. I’ve only tried the red one so far, and I love it! I would recommend it!

      2. Abby says

        I jsut bought my first one and they are to die for! They are moisturizing and feel like a lip balm but have as much pigmentation as a lipstick!

    2. Lu says

      The Maybelline Baby Lips are brilliant! =) Super soft and smell really good!

  4. yoshimi says

    I saw a display of these at a Walgreen’s nearby. I was definitely taken in by the packaging, but they didn’t look like much more than lip balm, so I held off. Glad I followed my intuition!

    Also, I just want you to know that I’m now a Jack Black convert. That stuff is amazing! Although I think I’ll get the Vanilla Lavender next time, because the Ginger Grapefruit leaves a weird taste in my mouth (smells awesome, though).

    1. leesha says

      yeah i dont like the grapefruit one, my favorite EVER is the shea butter one, but it only comes in the 4 pack, fingers crossed that they release it on its own soon, ill buy like 20 hahah

  5. Lexi says

    I love Jack Black tooo….BEST by far! Ü

  6. Abby says

    I honestly don’t get the concept of this product. If you want something to give you shine while hydrating your lips then get an NYC Lipgloss or something. Ooo, and I think your makeup tutorials are totally awesome Leesha! I love ’em!!!!!!!! i hope you keep doing them because they inspire me so much!

  7. Staci says

    I got a darker color in this line and the color actually shows up quite nicely.

  8. Genevieve says

    i got the raspberry one and it’s pretty nice. it actually gives the tint similar to the o-gloss. maybe the pink is too light?

  9. Josy says

    I love this product! I think is kind of “jelly”
    I got pink lollipop for the day and Rasberry for the night. I also got Fruit Punch! And Clarins those similar to years ago. This summer they relauching it ;)

    Have a good day!

    Josy -xxx-

  10. Kary says

    I was one of the ones who messaged you asking to get it for me. :x
    I’m TOTALLY intrigued and still haven’t given up my search for it! I need this in my life! 0.0

  11. Autumn says

    I have one of these in the color fruit punch (I think) and I love it. My shade is darker than the one you tried and it actually gives my lips color. It makes them look almost stained. I wish I could find more of them but unfortunately I discovered these after they had been out a while, so now I can’t find them anywhere. :(

  12. Jazycat says

    Hey leesha, just wanted to let you know that i tried the Fruit punch version of this, it was the darker pink, and i must say that the first time i tried it i too saw nothing. However now i use it as a quick way to add some color because it now appears as this bright but soft pink. perhaps it was just the particular color that you have that doesnt show.
    Just thought i would let you know!

  13. Stephanie says

    I actually got all of these a few months ago lol. My drugstores still have them. Pink Lollipop is basically sheer, but the other 3 colors (red, orange, darker pink) do leave a bit of a tint on the lips, nothing remarkable, but they look so cool I couldn’t resist!

    1. Kary says

      Hook me up! :(

  14. Brooke says

    i have this 1 in pink lollipop and i absolutely love it!!

  15. Zara says

    They don’t sell this in england, but they do sell the one by loreal which is a lot better, and I mean a lot :D x

  16. Alabeta says

    Funny, this product is all over Europe and I mean in every drugstore. No reason to get jealous though, there is a lack of MAC and it is ridicoulously overpriced over here. No OCC and they dont ship internationally…man, I gotta take a shopping spree to US.
    Leeshe, U R awesome

  17. Christie says

    I have a different color that is “fruit punch” that does give off color and makes your lips a nice shade of pink. I like the scent and the sheen it gives, perfect for everyday wear for me :D got the last 2 from ulta!

  18. katie says

    so i just got 4 of these on ebay and i love them. I’m not much for lip color so they are perfect for me

  19. Rachael says

    I also got this. I tried to resist but after the 9th time stopping I said oh forget Im getting it. Of course I have 30 lip products so this one wasnt special but I broke it and put the broke part in a potted neutrogena lip balm, and I open it up about 3 months later and its like all the pink color has drawn out of it and is like a hot pink layer of color on the nuetrogena balm. IDK whats up with hat, but I do own the o gloss from smashbox and the color reminded me of it. So I would say anyone who feels they missed out on this can get the loreal one, pretty much same thing.

  20. Valerie39 says


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